Sonlight Core A (Week 22):


We continued to read through our I Heard the Good News missionary stories and finding the countries mentioned in each story.

The boys took turns finding the countries.

Language Arts:

Parker was learning about the “Letter L” this week.


He continued to do his HWOT (Handwriting without Tears) letter of the week activities.

We added “L is for Luke” in his ABC lapbook. The force is strong in this one!

Vowels & Consonants:

I brought out our Snowflake letters and made two piles so Parker could sort the vowels from the consonants.

I reminded him that a consonant was any letter other than the vowels (A, E, I, O, or U).

We also sang our vowel song too!

ABC Order:

I brought out our stack of Polar Bear word cards. I told Parker we would put them in ABC order.

After a quick review of the rules for alphabetizing, Parker immediately got to work.

He did a great job!

Starting & Ending Sounds:

I brought out our snowman picture cards and magnetic letters. I asked Parker to match the starting and ending letter sounds.

He did a great job!

Little House Read-Aloud:

My husband bought me the complete Little House DVD series for my birthday and we’ve REALLY enjoyed watching them as a family!

I was excited to see Little House in the Big Woods as our next read-aloud!  I brought out our Lincoln Logs so we could build our own little house in the big woods!

Parker and I built the little log house together. He LOVED this!

He loved playing with the “little house” and finding figures to be Pa, Ma, Mary, Laura, and baby Carrie.

After reading our Christmas chapter, I made pancake men for the kids to eat Saturday morning!



Coin Recognition:

We brought out our coin cards (Imagine Our Life) and reviewed the coin names and values.

Parker worked on matching the coin cards.  He gets better each time we do this activity!

Pairs – Mitten Match:

I brought out our Highlights High Five mitten match game cards and set them out of order on the table.

Parker has been learning about pairs in his Horizon K math lessons.

I set up a “clothesline” (put a string between two bins) and instructed him to match the mitten pairs and pin them together.

He did a great job!

Snowman Match:

We continued working with pairs by playing a snowman matching game.

We played a couple of rounds together!


Red Cabbage Experiment:

I prepped our red cabbage water ahead of time.

The color was BEAUTIFUL, but the scent was NOT pretty!

I created a special worksheet to go with this experiment. The boys added the ingredient labels in alphabetical order ahead of time.

This was great practice alphabetizing!

I made sure each boy had a pencil, dot paints, and their worksheet to record their results.

Right before conducting the experiment I set out little cups of the ingredients and set them in front of the cabbage water jars.

The boys took turns adding the ingredients and watching to see if the color would change. They used their dot paints to record their data!


Apple Smiles:


We LOVE our Highlights High Five magazine.  This week Parker found a recipe for apple smiles and asked to make them.

He had so much fun eating his special snack during our read-aloud time!

Olympic Cookies:

Since the Winter Olympics were starting this week, we made sugar cookies for dessert.

The kids had fun making their own Olympic designs.


They turned out really cute!

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