Sonlight Level D (Week 2)


Memory Verse:

I created a Psalm 8 Bible Verse pack for the boys.

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

On Monday, the boys traced and illustrated the third verse.

On Tuesday, the boys traced the fourth verse while listening to our Sing the Word track.

On Wednesday, I cut their verses apart and they glued them together, like a puzzle, in their Bible notebooks.

Bible Reading:

The boys read-aloud together, alternating verses, from their daily reading assignment.

Rainbow SNACKtivity:

Since we were reading about God’s promise to never flood the whole earth again, I thought a fun SNACKtivity would bring a smile to everyone’s face.

I gave everyone a “Make a Rainbow” bowl with Fruit Loops, two marshmallows, and a pipe cleaner.

Everyone LOVED this activity!


Mapping Explorers:

We continued to map the places explored as we read about them in our American history books.


Grammar Grab Bag:

I created a Back to School themed Grammar Grab Bag (GGB) for this week’s language arts activities.

You can purchase your copy here at our TPT Store.


This week Parker was learning about soft and hard “c” and “g” sounds.

I had him practice saying and building examples with the letter tiles and spelling mat (in GGB).

Afterwards, I had Parker sort our soft and hard c and g words using our sorting mats (in the GGB).

Parker used his spelling cards to create his “just the facts” spelling sentences.

Grammar Lapbook:

This week Parker was learning about sentence fragments so I thought we should add an entry in his grammar lapbook.

Parker and I added a Sentence page in our grammar lapbook.


The Long Way to a New Land:

Carl’s family was so hungry they were forced to eat bread made from bark. They sold their farm, left Sweden, and headed to America on a boat.

Bread & Butter:

Carl longed to taste fresh baked bread. When they finally arrived in New York, Carl enjoyed fresh wheat bread and butter.

I thought it would be fun to make a fresh loaf of bread after reading about Carl. I set out all the ingredients and a recipe for our bread machine.

Parks measured out the wet and dry ingredients into our pan.

Then we placed it in our bread machine and left it to do its work while we did other things.

The smell of baking bread filled our home. The recipe resulted in a beautifully large loaf of bread.

We enjoyed it with breakfast the next morning. We agree with Carl that wheat bread is most definitely better than bark bread!



I created calendar pages for the boys to work on at the beginning of each month.

The boys added the dates, holidays, and birthdays to our September worksheet.


The Kingdoms Booklet:

I finished our Living Things and Their Kingdoms booklet this week.

You can purchase your copy here at our TPT Store.

The boys completed their classification page.

The boys added animals to their Naming Living Things page.

We finalized our kingdom booklets by adding animals to the Vertebrates and Invertebrates sorting page.


Hello Fall:

Tuesday was the first day of fall, my favorite season! God puts on quite a colorful display this time of year! I love seeing the leaves turn yellow, orange, and red.

We celebrated the first day of fall with a wonderful nature walk. Don’t you just love the sound of leaves crunching under your feet?

We continued to add apples on our apple tasting tree.

We also bough seasonal candies! What’s not to love about fall!?

We read more back to school and fall themed book.

The boys and I found some beautiful mushrooms on our nature walks.

7 thoughts on “Sonlight Level D (Week 2)

  1. I’d really love to see your grammar lapbook – can you show more pictures of that? I’ve never heard of such a thing, and your looked like such a fun way to remember concepts AND practice spelling. 🙂

    1. (Me again, haha!) I’m still thinking about this, and am wondering if there is anywhere you share a materials list – maybe at the beginning of your school year? For example, it looks like your son is using an alphabet sticker pad with assorted fonts — where in the world did you find that?! Can you tell us what it is? I’m starting Sonlight D in the fall with my two girls and have been looking for ways to make it more crafty/interactive (rather than only reading/completing worksheets). I *love* all that you’ve incorporated! I’m having so much fun going through your blog. 🙂 I know it’s a lot of effort, so thank you for documenting so much of what you do!

      1. Hi Jessica! We’re happy to document our journey. It’s a trail we hope inspires and helps other homeschooling families. Honestly, the stickers were probably from a Target $1 bin a year or two ago. We pick things up here and there, especially during the summer. We tend to post links as we go. We’ll make sure to keep that up. Unless they change the pack, our posts should represent content from week to week. We wish you the very best in the fall as you start Level D. One note, we adjusted some of our read-alouds this year. Sorry, those aren’t reflected in our weekly posts. Since we read most of the books with our daughter (2016-2017), we swapped out Walk the World’s Rim, A Llama in the Family, Johnny Tremain, and Adoniram Judson with some of their US history Kindergarten Read-aloud list (Just Dance, Tornado, 26 Fairmont Ave) as well as The Railway Children and Corrie Ten Boom (same missionary series).

    2. Hi Jessica! We started our Grammar Notebook to closely follow the Grammar Ace program Sonlight offers. We purchased it for our son when he entered 4th grade. Each week, they tackle a different topic (e.g. “commas”, “metaphors”, etc.) and summarize with “In a nutshell” terms/definitions. We just added those to our notebook each week. This year, we reviewed those concepts each week, using his grammar notebook. Most pages are reflected in our weekly Level D posts; however, having a separate grammar notebook post is a great idea.

      1. Yay, thank you for replying! This is very helpful! I will be on the lookout for alpha stickers when we’re out and about. I think I’ll also pick up Grammar Ace — do you do this in conjunction with the Sonlight Language Arts book?

      2. Hi Jessica! I just thought of you. My youngest is using the Grammar Ace program this year. We’re creating lapbook pages each week. Check out our Sonlight Level E posts!

      3. We’ve started Grammar Ace and my girls love it. They’re obsessed. Thank you so much for recommending the book! I’ll check out your lap books! Thanks!!



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