Bound for Oregon – Sourdough Starter (Sonlight 100 – Week 18)

Haley started reading Bound for Oregon, the story of a young girl, Mary Ellen, traveling west-bound with her family. Like most pioneers, they used a sourdough starter to make breads, pancakes, and other baked goods.

Sourdough Starter (Chapter 1-2):

Day 1:

I gathered our supplies and headed to the kitchen.

Haley measured out the whole wheat flour.

We poured it into a plastic bowl so we could mix before pouring it into our container.

Haley measured out cool water from the fridge.

She mixed the flour and water together in our bowl. It looked REALLY thick and I had serious doubts that this would work.

Day 2:

I’m happy to report that I was wrong. This gray looking mixture was starting to produce the expected fruity off-gas.

This is where Haley dropped off and I took over. The idea of growing anything fermented was NOT her cup of tea. I fed her starter and set it aside. Perhaps the boys will help with this endeavor.

Day 3:

Wow! I awoke to find our starter bubbling and doubled in size! Today we start feeding it twice.

Our bubbling friend was ready for his feeding.

First, I discarded 1/2 of our starter then measured out 113 grams of flour and water. I mixed them together and incorporated it into the remaining starter. We did this twice!

Day 4:

Today I panicked. My starter reached the top of the lid while I was snoozing and lowered half-way down the container. I saw bubbles, but my doubts rose where Stan fell. Yep, I named our starter Stan, “Stan the starter”.

Would Stan make it? Only time would tell. I fed him twice today.

Day 5:

I awoke and what to my wondering eyes did appear? Stan still half-way up the container. Bummer! I removed the lid and caught a whiff of a tangy, not fruity, aroma! Stan was just as he should be, tangy AND bubblicious! Go Stan, go!

I fed Stan and set him aside with high hopes and dreams of a crusty sourdough bread. Why are my kids grossed out by Stan😁.

Just minutes after his feeding, Stan was bubbling! I have high hopes, I tell ya, high hopes!

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