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Parker officially started preschool this fall!  All the kids were curious and excited about BFIAR (Before Five in a Row) and were eager to see the books we planned to row (study) with Parker.  We chose to start the school year with Corduroy by Don Freeman.  This is one of Parker’s favorite picture books.  He received the Corduroy book and bear gift set from his Auntie when he was a baby.  We’ve read this story before, but this time we savored each page…

Bible & Language Arts

Since friendship was a theme in Corduroy, we decided to use Proverbs 17:17 “A friend loves at all times.” as our memory verse for this unit.  Parker memory verse by the end of the unit and we put a copy of it in his binder.

I put together a busy work packet for each child with various math, tracing, phonics and other themed worksheets to use whenever I was teaching one-on-one.  Parker used the 3-part cards from our  Corduroy preschool pack (homeschoolcreations) to work on vocabulary and phonics.  We also used the button cards to practice his listening skills.  I would ask him to find a shape and he would reach in our bucket and grab the correct button.


We worked on coin recognition while we rowed this book.  Parker loved matching his toy coins to a set of money cards we found online (  We also played a coin game (, using his blue dot paint!  We sorted

We also worked on patterns, sorting, and shapes.  We even did some gummy bear math…though I’m not quite certain all the gummies ended up on their graphs…hmmmm.  The older kids joined in on many of our math activities.

They really enjoyed our teddy bear exploration activity.  They each measured and weighed their teddies.  The older kids filled out their teddy stats using an adorable worksheet we downloaded at TPT.


We pulled out our BFIAR animal classification cards ( has so many wonderful printables to use alongside our BFIAR units.  We read through Corduroy, looking for any/all animals we could find.  We pulled out our animal classification cards and our collection of toob animals.  Parker matched the toy animal to the classification cards.  On other occasions, we talked about animal habitats and they worked on coloring our animal habitat booklets.

Other Fun Activities

In between subjects, we would take moments to dance with teddy bears, run up our flight of stairs like Lisa, and much on teddy bear treats.  At the end of our unit, we even did a teddy bear scavenger hunt.  Hopefully these are moments that will last a lifetime.


We ended our Corduroy unit on a sweet note.  I whipped up a batch of boxed cookie mix.  While hot, I lightly pressed a circle shape in the center and stuck 4 mini chocolate chips in the center.  It was a fast and easy sweet treat to finish our Corduroy unit.  They munched on their cookies while watching our Corduroy playlist on youtube.  This was a really wonderful book to start to our BFIAR journey!  Looking forward to our next row.




Check out my Corduroy youtube playlist here and my Corduroy Pinterest board here.  Below are some of the great books/products we used!



2 thoughts on “Corduroy

  1. Can I just say thank you for starting a blog? I LOVE it!!! What a great way to share your creative and seamless approach to homeschooling multiple ages.

    I love the combination of activities that you used to explore Corduroy. You have a wonderful way of engaging all of the senses. Each book is an adventure with so much to glean from each topic. Thank you for taking the time to share your homeschooling journey. You have gotten my creative juices flowing and I am inspired!

    I also want to thank you for your freebies and you tube play lists. These are incredible resources for other homeschooling moms. I have found them to be invaluable. I am looking forward to all that you have to share in the future.


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