Neil Armstrong: Young Flyer (Ch 4)


This week was a little tough as the kids were pretty sick. While wrapped in blankets, they managed to plow through their work.


Memory Verse:

Jordan memorized Leviticus 19:18 while rowing the fourth chapter.


Geography – Prussia & Germany:

Jordan color-coded the places Grandfather Koetter visited – Germany and Prussia.

History – Castle Garden & Ellis Island:

As suggested, Jordan read If Your Name was Changed at Ellis Island.

Jordan colored the path Grandfather Koetter may have taken from Eastern Europe to Ellis Island.



Jordan completed the vocabulary worksheet for the fourth chapter.


Where Does Rubber Come From:

Jordan read about rubber in Balloon Trees. We studied this book when we rowed Balloons Over Broadway.

Bub completed a rough worksheet I made the last time we studied rubber.


Life Skills – Helping Others:

When I was a kid, I learned “JOY”, a Sunday school song about “Jesus first, your self last, and others in between.“ Jordan and I talked about how God made us to help, to serve, and to be a blessing. If we’re not “others-oriented” we become selfish and miserable Christians.

Jordan was sick and unable to attend the cos-play night at his youth group, but he helped create a Bobba-Fett costume for his little brother’s character dress-up night.

Look at that smile! There is joy in helping others, even in the midst of your own loss and disappointment.

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