The Little Rabbit




We started rowing The Little Rabbit in the spring around Easter.  This allowed us to continue using our garden and Easter themed printables.

We started our row with another sensory story box and presented Parker with his own little Buttercup!


For this book, we chose to memorize “The godly care for their animals.” Proverbs 17:17. Click here to download your copy!


I started adding a control card to my Bible verse printables, because it’s small enough to include with the puzzle.  Parker uses the control card as a reference when he’s learning the verse.  Once he has it memorized, I simply leave out the Bible verse puzzle and he puts it together on his own!


We rowed this book during the Easter season, so most of our Bible lessons were combined with the older kid’s Easter theme.  We recently purchased the Arch Book library and read the Easter story from the beginning to the end.

Language Arts:

We started our first morning with a new guest at the breakfast table, a small white rabbit named Buttercup!  Parker was SO happy and the kids instantly fell in love with the story.

img_3932The sensory story box was set up with scattered vocabulary cards, toys to match, and our hand-painted wooden Easter eggs!

Parker continued to work on his phonics and we incorporated a few preposition activities in our learning lane.


Parker worked on matching his vocabulary words from The Little Rabbit pack from  He began recognizing the word until he was finally able to match the words with their pictures all by himself.  So proud of the little guy!


I found a really cute alphabet garden tracing worksheet From Mrs. Jone’s Creation Station. I created an “alphabet garden” bin with black beans, tracing cards, plastic carrots filled with uppercase/lowercase letters, and a dry erase marker.

First, Parker picked a carrot and opened it up to see what letter was inside. Next, we grabbed the matching alphabet cards, and practiced the correct letter formation.  Lastly, he used his dry erase marker to trace the letter.

He continued to work on his letter formations throughout this unit.


Parker continued his CVC work.  We found some really cute printables (checkout my Pinterest board below), but he kept asking for the hot cocoa CVC mats from Life Over C’s.

Bunny Books:

I always tell my kids you can NEVER read too much!  When we pick our BFIAR books, we check out a truck load of books.  We read during breakfast, we read during playtime, and I pick out shorter picture books to read with Parker at naptime.

We checked out so many bunny books from the library and many were written by Margaret Wise Brown.  So this row evolved into a Margaret Wise Brown book-a-thon!

MargaretWiseBrownBioWe even found A Rookie Biography Margaret Wise Brown Author of Goodnight Moon.  I read this with the older kids and they really enjoyed learning more about one of their favorite authors.


Parker continued to work on number recognition, counting, even and odd sorting, and patterns.

Our learning lane was bustling with color matching, graphing, days of the week and which one is different activities.


Habitat Books:

I created a The Little Rabbit My Go-Along-Animals printable for the kids to use with our Habitat booklets.   Grab your FREE copy here today!

The Habitat Booklet is available for purchase here at our TPT Store.

The kids colored, cut, and pasted the animals in their Habitat Booklets.

Rabbits, Rabbits, & MORE Rabbits:

We couldn’t row The Little Rabbit without studying these adorable creatures.  We read Rabbits, Rabbits, & More Rabbits by Gail Gibbons and brought out our rabbit nomenclature cards.  Parker worked on matching the various parts of the rabbit one day and color coding the parts of the rabbit the next day.

I read several rabbit books with the older kids while they worked on their lapbooks.  We even incorporated a rabbit art tutorial activity in learning lane.  A little science plus a little art makes some VERY happy kids!

On a sweeter note…I made some “bunny cakes” with bananas and heart-shaped strawberries!  This isn’t science related AT ALL, but they were cute so I HAD to add them in!

We read Rabbits & Raindrops by Jim Arnosky (another favorite children’s non-fiction author).    This book is simple and beautifully illustrated…great for a mixed age audience!

Afterwards, Parker did a special raincloud experiment in the kitchen and the older kids added some rain & weather material to their lapbooks.

Carrots Grow Underground:

Bunnies love carrots…so we began our study of this crunchy root vegetable.  We read Carrots Grow Underground and the kids worked on a carrot lifecycle worksheet.


I included a really cute carrot growth sequencing puzzle, a plant & harvest the carrots activity, and a make playdough carrots tray in our learning lane.

Little Carrot Lab:

The next morning, I set up a carrot lifeskill tray for the kids to work on.  I couldn’t find many carrot science printables, so I quickly folded some paper and created labels and a color the parts of the carrot lapbook insert for the older kids.


I created a Carrot Science Pack that’s available for purchase at our TPT Store.  You can check out all our carrot-themed printables here at our TPT Store.


You can download the Label the Carrot Worksheet for FREE here!

First, the kids peeled their carrots which took a bit of time, but they loved this lifeskill activity.

Next, they began to cut apart the carrot, identify the various parts of the carrot, and labeled each part.  They all had crazy carrot faces, but they really loved this activity.  When they finished, their carrot was a nice handy snack they prepared!

Exploring Turtles:

We started exploring the wonderful world of turtles.  We read All About Turtles by Jim Arnosky.  We love his science books, because they’re beautifully illustrated and great for younger audiences.  I even included some turtle themed worksheets that morning!

Parker completed his homeschoolcreations “Parts of the Turtle” worksheet and used the nomenclature cards to put together his felt turtle puzzle I made him.  This was a little difficult, but he stuck with it.


I brought out our turtle nomenclature cards and reviewed the various parts of the turtle while the older kids color coded their turtle anatomy booklet (The Helpful Garden).  They also added some other turtle themed printables to their lapbooks.

Art & Other Fun Stuff:

Bunnies & Carrots:

The kids did a cute bunny and carrot prints art project using their cute little fingers.  They had fun using different fingers and swirling the paints all around.  They turned out really cute!  The blue sky really made this craft pop!

Little Bunny Glyph:

After reading Bunny’s Noisy Book, the kids put together a bunny glyph.  They wrote what they would do if they were a bunny.  They turned out really cute!

Mossy Planters:

We read Mossy by Jan Brett.  The kids REALLY loved this story and instantly fell in love with Mossy and Scoot.  I decided to make Mossy planters.


The kids painted applesauce cups, we glued on a few pom-poms and googly eyes and made ourselves adorable “Mossy” planter cups.


We filled them with soil and a few sunflower seeds.  Two of the three plants made it and were transplanted into our garden bed!

A few weeks later, we visited a children’s museum and they had a rescue turtle…the kids mentioned Mossy and Scoot!  So cute….love that we’re making memories to last a lifetime!

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The Little Rabbit Playlist:

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We had a blast rowing The Little Rabbit…Looking forward to our next row!

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