Winter Math Pack & FREEbies!

screen-shot-2017-02-09-at-10-42-24-pmToday I’m introducing my new Winter Themed Preschool math printable pack containing many resources to use in your Pre-K & Kindergarten math centers.

You can purchase this Winter Math Pack at my TPT store, but there’s also some FREEbies too!  Keep scrolling to learn more!




Polar Bear Ice Fishing

This is a great way to help your students learn to recognize both their numbers and number words.  Try setting up this activity in a sensory bin with blue-tinted rice and invite your students to “Ice Fish”.

This math center can be used in a variety of ways.  Students can match the number cards to the number word cards.

You can present the cards on a tray with a worksheet and invite your students to “ice fish” by selecting a card and either trace the number or number word on the Polar Bear Ice Fishing worksheets included.

Math Mats

I’ve included math mats for the numbers 1-10.  Students can form, trace, and count their numbers.  This was a really fun activity for my preschooler.  He kept asking to do more and more numbers.

Math Patterns

This portion of the math pack includes a series of “Complete the Pattern” cards, “Create-a-Pattern” cards, and indicator cards.

Using Parker as an example, I would laminate and present the “Complete the Pattern” cards first.  Using a tray or basket, I would lay out the cards and place the pattern pieces in a bowl/dish.  Using inflection in my voice, I would say the pattern in such a way that he could “hear” and see the pattern on each card.

Once Parker could proficiently complete the pattern cards on his own, I would present the “Create-a-Pattern” cards with pattern pieces.

Lastly, I created pattern indicator cards to use with both the pattern cards.  These can be used alongside the pattern cards for more advanced students.

Count and Clip Cards


I also included count and clip cards which are great for strengthening the hand muscles and developing fine motor skills.  Students count the pictures on each card and clip/mark the correct number on the right.

Math Games

I added a few fun “extras” to this printable pack to encourage students to sharpen their puzzle solving skills.

Winter Silhouettes

I added this winter silhouettes worksheet.  Students cut and paste the pictures to the matching shadows.


Winter Sudoku


I created three levels of sudoku worksheets.  Students cut and paste the pictures to the sudoku puzzle, making sure not to duplicate pictures in each row, column, and quadrant.  Parker likes to start with the first level and work to the harder level.



You can purchase my Winter Themed Preschool Math Center printable pack at my TPT store.  Please check it out!  You can download a FREE sampler in the preview link.  While you’re there, check out some of my other Winter themed FREEbies!

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