Sonlight Core A (Week 10)


Memory Verse:

Parker listened to the “Letter J” verse from his Sing the Word CD, traced his Bible Memory verse using our G-M Bible Verse Printable Pack.


Later in the week, we cut his tracer page apart and added it in his Bible notebook.


This week we read about the spice trade and discovering new foods, so we did many spice-related activities.


We read about some of the early explorers.

I brought out our compass rose lapbook and the boys took turns placing the labels on correctly.

Afterwards, they colored and labeled their own compass rose and added it to their lapbooks.

img_6091Jordan mapped out the early explorer routes in red, green, and blue just like the book shows.

Discovering Spices:

I presented an introduction to spices activity by printing and laminating a variety of herb and spice cards (Jojoebi and mummadiaries) along with matching herb/spice jars and placing them in a tub.

After reading our Usborne Living Long Ago, we sat on the carpet, smelled, tasted, and matched the herbs/spices.

The next day I brought out a few more jars with our spice cards.  We smelled and matched them to the cards.

Spice Painting:

I set up an invitation to create a spice painting art activity.  I laid out a wood box with spices (cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, and allspice), tempura paint, paint brushes, scissors, and glue sticks.

img_6109I also cut out leaf shapes from yellow, orange, red, and green tissue paper.  I laid out light blue and brown construction paper and foam letters for each child.

In the morning, I mixed the tempura paint and spices.  You can see little flecks of spice in the red.  They made the school room smell like fall!

The kids traced their hands and forearm on the brown construction paper and cut them out.   They glued them to the blue construction paper.

img_6113Next, they placed glue drops onto their paper and placed a tissue paper leaf on top.

They used their self-adhesive foam letters to spell “Autumn” at the top.

Once dry (or almost dry), they used the spice paints to paint their paper.  It smelled SO good during this craft time!

img_6146They turned out adorable!

The First Thanksgiving:

img_6171-1We read about the Pilgrims and the first thanksgiving in our Usborne Children’s Encyclopedia and I grabbed our Pumpkin and Squash Picture Cards and we went over the various kinds.

Language Arts:

Parker continued his letter of the week activities.

He listened to the letter “H” songs I added to our Core A playlist and practiced building and writing in his HWOT workbook.

This week we created a “S is for Salacious Crumb” character to add to his ABC Notebook.

img_6085We continued to work on our letter of the week using our Alphabet Tracing Cards and our fall counters.


I quickly added some apple colored cards to our education cubes and we played a rhyming game.

ApplePickingRhymesI made these apple rhyming cards you can use alone or with differentiated instruction cubes.  You can purchase your copy here!  There’s also a FREEbie sampler in the Preview.

Measuring – Cups, Pints, Quarts, & Gallons:

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 5.09.19 PM.pngOur Language and Thinking lesson was about measuring cups, pints, quarts, and gallons.  I found an ADORABLE education video about capacity by Umigo and added it to our Core A playlist.

I printed a Gallon Man worksheet from  I cut out the pieces ahead of time and Parker pasted it together.  We emphasized how many ounces in a cup, how many cups in a pint, and so forth.  This was a HUGE hit!

Measuring – Teaspoons & Tablespoons:

img_6179-1Our next Language and Thinking lesson tackled measuring with teaspoons and tablespoons.  Since we were learning about spices, I continued with this theme by printing a Pumpkin Spice Recipe and placing it in a dry erase pocket.

The boys worked on this tray separately.  As Jordan followed the recipe, we talked about fractions and he figured that the complete recipe was 3 teaspoons.  I was proud of him adding fractions!

Parker worked on this tray later in the day and was able to follow along.  This was more of an introduction to measuring with teaspoons and tablespoons, but he had fun scooping, leveling, and adding it to the cup.

That night I made pumpkin cobbler and it tasted DELICIOUS with the spice blend the boys made!



img_6196This week our Usborne Science Activities book gave us two dough recipes and we chose to make the bread dough.  We went to the kitchen to get our supplies.


We mixed our water, sugar, and yeast and set it aside.  After 15 minutes, we saw a bubbly glass of goo!

Next, the boys and I mixed up the dough and the boys helped roll them into balls.  We covered them with plastic wrap and set them aside to rise.

img_6198We placed them in the oven to cook.  When they came out we observed the holes where the bubbles once were!  We served them up with butter next to our soup for dinner that night.  The kids LOVE science you can eat!

Edible Cells:


img_6220We decided to make jell-o animal and plant cells.  We went to the kitchen to mix up our Jell-o.

Jordan helped measure and mix our “cell” base.  We poured the jell-o into cups and put them in the refrigerator to set.

The kids dug through their candy treasure to find candy that would make their molds look like the cells in the book.

They look amazing.  We placed them in the fridge to eat later on!



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