Sonlight Core B (Week 14)


Memory Verse:

I printed the second page of our Isaiah 55:6-7 Bible Tracer printable.

My Memory Verse Tracer Pages (Isaiah 55:6-7)

You can download it here for FREE!

On Monday, Parker traced his verse while listening to the Sing the Word track.

The following day, he illustrated his verse.

On Wednesday, we cut apart his tracer like a puzzle and he pasted it in his Bible lapbook. On Thursday, he recited the entire verse for a smelly sticker and star on the board!

The Christmas Story:

As I read about the birth of Christ, the boys played with a felt Nativity scene a friend of ours gave us.

I love that our Sonlight Core B Bible lessons have been discussing Jesus’ birth as the Christmas season approaches.


Around the World with Kate & Mack:

We continued lapbooking around the world with Kate and Mack.  This week we learned about the Huarijio heart language of Mexico.  I thought it might be fun to incorporate Christmas Around the World elements.

The boys colored Their Christmas in Mexico worksheets (LittleRed) while I read Zetta the Poinsettia.  This was a cute picture book that also incorporated a little bit of history and science.

The boys created the flag of Mexico and drew a few items from Mexico.

It was fun to learn more about the Mexican culture and unique traditions they have at Christmastime.


The 12 Days of Christmas:

I created a 12 Days of Christmas Pack for the boys to work on.

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Math Pack

You can purchase your copy here. There’s a bonus FREEBIE in the Preview.

First we read The Twelve Days of Christmas together.

The boys took turns putting the gifts in order using the mat.

Afterwards, they worked on coloring, cutting, and pasting their Twelve Days of Christmas Booklets.


Parker was learning about personification this week in grammar.

We watched a cute personification clip on our Epic app.

Then we read A Wish to be a Christmas Tree.  This was a great picture book to illustrate the idea of giving human characteristics (disappointment, sadness, happiness) to non-human things (a Christmas tree).

I set out an invitation to create their own natural Christmas tree.  I included cut-out cardboard backing (for support, a simple Christmas tree shape (similar to the character in our book), googly eyes, a white crayon, and a glue stick.  I also gave everyone different kinds of stickers to “barter and trade”.

First, the kids glued their trees together.

Then they added googly eyes and drew faces and snowy details on their trees with white crayon.

Jordan was learning about bartering in his FIAR studies, so we took a moment to barter and trade Christmas stickers.

From the look of Parker’s face, THIS was an unfair trade!  You’ll have to do better big sis.

When they finished trading, they added their beautiful bird, berry, and holly decorations to their trees. They did a great job! The trees were simply beautiful!


Christmas Tree Patterns:

Parker has been learning about patterns in his Singapore math studies.

I created a box of various Christmas objects (e.g. jingle bells, colored buttons, button shapes, gems, pom-poms, and the like).  We used the buttons shapes to create patterns like this ABC pattern.

Next, we used a dry erase board to write patterns.  He circled the repeating patterns.

I thought this might be a fun opportunity to “decorate trees” with math patterns.

This was a fun way to review patterns with the older kids too!

Parker and I reviewed the pattern types he made (i.e. ABB, AB, AAB, etc.).

While making patterns, I read Spotty, Stripy, and Swirly.  This was a great book about patterns.


Christmas Trees:

Since it was beginning to look alot like Christmas, we did a little Christmas Tree science this week.

We started with a Christmas Tree breakfast (a cinnamon roll loosely laid out like a Christmas tree frosted with green sprinkles, a bacon trunk, and fruit on the side).

We also read Christmas Tree Farm which gave us more information about living and working on a Christmas tree farm.

Afterwards, I passed out the Life Cycle of a Christmas Tree (SupplyMe) for the boys to work on.

This was a fun and interesting science activity to include in our holiday learning!

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