Sonlight Core B (Week 17)


Memory Verse:

I printed the second page of our Psalm 23 Bible Verse Tracer for the boys to work on this week.

My Memory Verse Tracer Pages (Psalm 23)









You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

The boys traced their worksheets.  We brought out their big box of crayons, because tracing is WAY more fun in colors!

Later, we cut apart the tracer and they glued it together like a puzzle.

Advent Wreath:

We continued to slowly work through our advent lessons.


This week we tackled, looking for Joy in all the RIGHT places.


The kids made “spy glasses” and I shared a song, we read that day’s lesson, and I ended it with a song my husband and I learned in Chapel when we were kids – Jesus first, Yourself last, and Others in-between….JOY!

We also tackled being sweet and comforting with our words like a kiss, bot biting like a snowball in someone’s face.


Kate & Mack:

Around the World with Kate & Mack:

We continued lapbooking around the world with Kate and Mack.  This week we learned about the heart language of Nepal.

The boys located Nepal on their world map and colored the flag.  Their flag is a unique shape, so we cut our cards to match.

Bub always puts in a great amount of detail.  He loves working on maps and flags and does a great job.

Every Christmas we buy a Pandoro cake and read a book about Christmas in Italy.  Last weekend, I struggled to think what I could use to incorporate Christmas in Nepal.  My husband suggested we use our Pandoro as a Mount Everest cake!  What a BRILLIANT idea!

The boys LOVED the Mount Everest cake!  We planned to have some AFTER lunch, but it was SO long to wait….we HAD to conquer Everest NOW!

The boys sampled a little before lunch.

And some AFTER lunch….with a little hot cocoa too!

Parker and I read My Dad is Amazing on our Epic app.

Bub and I read Strange But True – Bigfoot on our Epic app.  It wasn’t EXACTLY about Yetis although we did see this map in the book, which made it more apropos for this week’s holiday tie-in!

He LOVED this book and it was fun and festive to get Yeti for winter festivities!


I created a Roll, Read, and Cover worksheet for our I Can Read It Lesson #17.

Christmas Fun - I Can Read It! Roll, Read, and Cover (Lesson 17)
Christmas Fun Worksheet

You can purchase your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

Parker used many dot paint colors for this week’s Christmas themed worksheet!

Christmas Antonyms & Synonyms:

This week Parker was learning about synonyms.  I printed a copy of our Christmas Symbols Antonym & Synonym pack.

Christmas Symbols Antonyms and Synonyms Grammar Pack
Christmas Symbols Antonyms & Synonyms Grammar Pack

You can purchase your copy here at our TPT Store.  There’s a bonus FREEbie in the Preview.

First Parker sorted through the stack of antonym and synonym word cards.

Afterwards, he used his dot paint to complete the Christmas Symbols Color by Code worksheet.


I made a Create-a-Word worksheet for Parker to use this week.

Christmas Cookies Create-a-Word Activity
Christmas Cookies Create-a-Word Worksheet

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

I thought I captured the moment, but I didn’t.  He did a really great job thinking of both small and bigger words this week.


We finished the first Singapore Math Book last week and decided to have a math review week.

Doubles Plus One:

First, we reviewed our “doubles plus one” math facts.  I created an Angel Bear Math Fact pack.

Cookies for Santa Math Fun Facts - Adding One
Angel Bear Doubles Plus One Math Facts Pack

You can download it here at our TPT Store.  There’s a bonus FREEbie in the preview!

I laid out the equation cards and left the answer cards in a box for Parkie to match.

He started matching the answer cards and knew many of the math facts by heart.  The solved the rest to complete this activity.

When he was done, he worked on the follow-up math worksheet.

Sums of Ten:

Last year, I created a Christmas Penguins Sums of Ten pack for Jordan.

Christmas Penguins SUMS of TEN Math Pack
Christmas Penguins Sums of Ten Math Fact Pack

You can purchase your copy here at our TPT Store.  There’s a FREEbie in the preview!

First he matched the snowflake answer card to the penguin equation card.

Afterwards, he completed the Christmas Penguin Sums of Ten worksheet.

Adding One:

I created a Cookies for Santa Adding One Math Facts pack.


Cookies for Santa Math Fun Facts - Adding One

Cookies for Santa Math Facts Pack

You can purchase it here at our TPT Store.  There’s a bonus FREEbie in the Preview!

First, Parker matched the Santa answer cards to the cookie equation cards.

Afterwards, he used the equation cards to solve and trace the worksheet.


I created a Festive Fractions math pack last year for Jordan.

Festive Fractions - Color the fractions Worksheet
Festive Fractions Math Facts

You can download it for FREE here at our TPT Store!

Parker read through the Christmas Tree Festive Fraction cards and used his dot paint to color each fractions.


I created an It’s Christmas Time math pack for Jordan to work on.

It's Christmas Time - Telling Time by the Hour & Half Hour
It’s Christmas Time Math Pack

You can download it for FREE here at our TPT Store.

Parker worked through the Christmas Elves time cards.  He drew the hour and minute hands on each clock.

The Tailors Three:

Jordan was wrapping up his A New Coat for Anna unit and I thought it would be fun to measure like the tailor in the story.  I created an A New Coat for Anna Measurement worksheet.

A New Coat for Anna - A Trip to the Tailor (Taking Measurements)
A New Coat for Anna – A Visit to the Tailor Worksheet

You can download it for free here at our TPT Store.

They each had a measuring tape and helped measure each other.

They measured from shoulder to shoulder.

And each arm for the sleeve length.

They wrote each measurement in centimeters and inches.

Design a Line of Coats:

In addition to our tailor activity, I thought it would be fun for the kids to design a line of coats and market them to our friends and family.  I created a Design a Line of Coats worksheet for the kids to use for this activity.

Design a Line of Coats
Design a Line of Coats Worksheet

You can download it here for FREE at the TPT Store.

I set out the Design a Line of Coats along with their big box of crayons.

Once they designed their coats, they created a marketing video and sent it out to their friends and family.  They started calculating totals as the orders came rolling in!

They sent out virtual invoices too!

This was a REALLY fun way to end our last day before Christmas break!

Great job guys!


This week we continued our frozen water science experiments.  We headed into the kitchen to observe condensation.

First, the boys took turns filling their containers with ice (to the brim).

They closed the lids and waited….imagine elevator music playing 🙂

Rather quickly, we started seeing condensation gathering on the outside of our containers.

They wiped their containers to pick up the water droplets.

We could actually see them on our paper towel!  Cool, quick, and fun to observe what we just read.

That’s all for this week and this year….see you in 2019 for Sonlight Week 18!  We hope you have a wonderful Christmas break!

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