Sonlight Core F – Rickshaw Girl and Days of Creation Art (Indian Studies)

Rickshaw Girl

Haley continued her Indian Studies this week with Rickshaw Girl.

She LOVED this book!  She read the book in one sitting and felt inspired to create an art project based on the alpana patterns (traditional drawings created for Indian celebrations).

India celebrates Dewali, the festival of lights, around New Years.  I thought Haley could do something with Jesus as the light of this world, but she had other plans.

She created a pattern that featured the Days of Creation.   What a great idea!

She used her watercolor pens to fill in her pattern. It was SO colorful!

She even looked up Hindi words and added them to each “window” of creation.

This was such a wonderful art project.  I LOVE that Haley was inspired to create this project all on her own.  The Sonlight program is such a great fit for her!

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