The 5 Senses – Sonlight Core F (Science Week 26)

Haley was learning about the sense of taste.  I created a 5 Senses Science Worksheet for the boys the previous week.

5 Senses Science - Tongue Taste Test II Worksheet
5 Senses Science – Taste Worksheet

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

I gathered our supplies and set them out with Cold, Crunchy, Colorful Using our Senses .

I checked out Cold, Crunchy, Colorful Using our Senses book from the library.  I intended to use it with the boys, but thought I’d let her check it out.  Haley read through the book before doing the experiment.  I love that she still enjoys a great picture book (fiction or non-fiction)!

She prepped her taste liquids (sugar water, salt water, beef broth, lemon juice, and coffee).

Next, she applied each liquid with a q-tip to the front, sides, back, and center of the tongue.  She recorded her results after each taste test.  When Haley finished, she told me she had fun!

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