Sonlight Level C (Week 4)


Memory Verse:

I gave Parker the next tracer page from his Bible Verse pack (Matthew 6:10).

My Memory Verse Tracer Pages (Matthew 6:9-13)
Memory Verse Tracing Pack

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

Parker traced AND illustrated his verse on Monday.

On Wednesday, I cut apart his puzzle and he glued it together in his Bible lapbook.  On Thursday, he recited both Matthew 6:9 (from last week) and Matthew 6:10 (this week).


Grammar Grab Bag:

I created another Grammar Grab Bag (week 4) for this week’s spelling and grammar activities.

Apple Picking 2nd Grade Grammar Grab Bag #4

You can purchase your copy here at our TPT Store.


This week’s spelling list is made up of two consonant, two syllable words.  Parker cut out his spelling word cards (included in this week’s grab bag) and used them for this week’s spelling activities.

Using his word cards, Parker copied his spelling words with blue (consonant) and red (vowel) pens, as instructed last year in our first grade Sonlight Level B Instructor’s Guide (4 Day).


On Tuesday, Parker used his cards again to complete the spelling sentences (included in this week’s grab bag)

Simple Sentences:

This week Parker learned about creating simple sentences using a subject (naming part) and a predicate (telling part).  I brought out our Apple Bushel Noun & Predicate cards as well as the practice worksheet (grab bag #4).

We set out the apple noun cards on one side and the bushel predicate cards on the other.  Parker used one of each to create simple sentences.  As he wrote each sentence, he made sure to CAPITALIZE the first letter and add PUNCTUATION at the end of each sentence.

Later, he worked on the Pick and Write worksheet (also in this week’s grab bag).

Since he was having a hard time remembering nouns, verbs, and adjectives.  I had him watch the Schoolhouse Rock clips on our Sonlight Level C playlist.  Then he used his dot paints to complete his Apple Grammar Tree (grab bag #4).

Sticks Across the Chimney:

Story Sensory Bin:

I LOVED reading Sticks Across the Chimney with Haley, so I was really excited to read it again with Parker.  I thought having a Story Sensory Box might be fun.  I went through my stash, oh yes….I have MY OWN stash, of playmobil things to find some elements that might work for the salt marsh setting.  I also borrowed some of Haley’s Vikings from her playmobil HTTYD sets.


See if you can find “Obediah” (stork) and “King Christian the Builder” (duck) in the bin.  Parker loved this activity.  Most of the time we read together at night, so a sensory bin is a nice activity after a long day of learning.

Parker opened up my chicken farmer pack and added it to the scene.

Who doesn’t love a little relaxing sensory bin play while listening to a GREAT story!?!

Wallpaper Book:

I thought it might be fun to recreate our own “wallpaper book”, so to speak.  I used washable markers to make a paint palette similar to what Eric and Siri would have used with the wallpaper book pages.

Haley immediately saw this art project and told me, “I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do this!”.  I love it when she joins our activities.

I told the kids that we would be making nature-based drawings and using the paint palette to color them.  We grabbed a bunch of our Jim Arnosky books from the shelf for inspiration.

Once they finished sketching their paper, they used wet paint brushes to color them in.  They quickly realized this was no substitution for their watercolor paint sets and let out a, “poor Eric and Siri” comment.  This was a “teachable moment” to reflect and really be thankful for the things we take for granted, like our paint sets.

The kids really saw how much they have compared to others like Siri and Eric.  After our heart-felt conversation and with great appreciation, we brought out our watercolor sets.

They really put their whole hearts into this art project.  Each piece was SO beautiful!  Great job guys!

Danish Coffee Bread:

I pulled out the exact printed recipe I made for Haley when she read this book four years ago!


I prepped the milk, melted the butter, warm water, and yeast before calling Parker into the kitchen.

He helped add the yeast mixture to our scalded milk and melted butter.  This step is supposed to help make your cakes and breads fluffier.

Next, he helped me crack the eggs.

He scooped, measured, and added the flour.  We set the dough into our bread maker on the “quick dough” setting while we went back to the playroom to read.

The bread machine did a pretty good job, but it needed to mix it by hand again after adding the 6th cup of flour.  After it rested and rose, I added the cinnamon mixture and twisted it to a bread-like form.

I baked it the night before, but warmed it in the oven with a yummy glaze (powdered sugar, dash of salt, tbsp of butter, splash of vanilla, and milk to a thick and runny consistency).

I served it with an egg white omelette and fresh fruit.  Everyone LOVED it!  Thanks Chef Parkie!



This week we learned about wild dogs, bats, and camels.  I brought out our parts of the camel cards (Montessori Print Shop) and our playmobil camel.

Based on what we read, we discovered our camel figure was a dromedary camel as it only had one hump.

Until next week, have a wonderful weekend!

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