Sonlight Core C (Week 15)


Memory Verse:

I printed this week’s tracer page from the Bible verse printable pack.

Memory Verse Tracer Page (Psalm 24:1-6)
Psalm 24:1-6 Bible Verse Pack

You can download it for FREE here at our TPT store.

Parker traced the verse on Monday then cut and pasted it in his Bible notebook on Tuesday.


Exploring the World:

Since we were learning about Marco Polo and his travels, I brought out the Compass Rose (Montessori Print Shop) to review.

First Parker added North, East, South, and West using “Never Eat Shredded Wheat” to remind him of the order.  Next we added the points in between.

The boys took turns using the Compass Rose.


Grammar Grab Bag:

I created a Sugar and Spice themed Grammar Grab Bag (GGB) for this week’s Language Arts activities.

Sugar and Spice 2nd Grade Grammar Grab Bag #15
Grammar Grab Bag #15

You can purchase your copy here at our TPT store.


I printed the Spelling cards and the practice worksheets (in GGB) and placed them in his Monday and Tuesday folders.

On Monday, Parker used his spelling word cards to practice writing his words.

On Tuesday, he used his spelling cards to complete the spelling practice sentence worksheet (in GGB).

Homonyms & Homophones:

I printed the Sugar and Spice Homonym and Homophone Sorting activity pages (in GGB) and put them in his Tuesday folder.

Parker read through the stack of word cards and sorted them by homophones and homonyms using the sorting mat.

Afterwards, he completed the color by code worksheet (in GGB).

The Beginner’s Bible:

This week Parker has been reading about the birth of Christ.

I brought out a Christmas activity book to compliment his daily reading assignments.


The Gingerbread Express:

We started our annual Christmas Around the World journey.

This year, our journey began here in the United States.  Everyone created a Christmas Express page in their lapbooks.

I printed our Christmas in the USA worksheets (Tweet Resources) for the kids to color and add to their notebooks.

Gingerbread Buddies:

I set an “invitation to create gingerbread buddies” for our journey around the world.

I cut out cardboard gingerbread men and set out glue various craft supplies.

We read several versions of the Gingerbread Man on our Epic app, but Parker didn’t like that they all ended with the gingerbread being eaten.

Then we stumbled onto The Ninjabread Man on our Epic app. Everyone LOVED this story, because it was cute and humorous!

They each started painting, glueing, and creating their gingerbread buddies.

Parker was SO inspired by the story, he made his own ninjabread buddy!

img_6760Of course we had to end with everyone’s favorite Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett.  This has been a favorite since our preschool years!

Christmas in the U.S.A.:

I printed the USA coloring page from Little Red’s Christmas Around the World Research pack.

We started our journey in the Northeast reading an excerpt from Christmas USA.

The kids colored while I read aloud.  We read how Christmas in the Northeast is like taking a step back in history.

We also read An Early American Christmas by Tomie dePaola.  We learned that most of the traditions we have came from European immigrants.

Since Jordan was learning about the Dutch that settled in New Jersey, I made little wooden clogs from construction paper and filled them with treats.

They were so excited to see a Christmas treat waiting for them at the end of their school week.

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