Sonlight Level E (Week 1)


We kicked off our first day of school with pancake muffins and The Kissing Hand.

This has been our “Back to School” tradition since our preschool days! I love looking at our older photos and Am seeing their sweet faces.


Memory Verse:

I created a Psalm 103 Bible Tracer pack.

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

On Monday, we read Psalm 103:1-3 together then the boys traced the first verse.

On Tuesday, the boys read Psalm 103:1-3 twice and traced the second verse.

On Wednesday, the boys read Psalm 103:1-3 twice and traced the third verse. On Thursday, they both recited all three verses my memory.


Star Spangled Banner:

Since we’re learning about the Star Spangled Banner this week, I brought out our illustrated copy.

Parker and I read/sang The Star-Spangled Banner together while looking at Peter Spier’s wonderful illustrations.


6th Grade:

A Gold Nugget’s Tale:

This week, Jordan was suppose to write a “Gold Rush” story from the perspective of a nugget.

We went to the garden and he picked out his nugget. We washed it and spray-painted it gold! He now had inspiration for his “Gold Nugget Tale”.

4th Grade:

I created a Back to School themed Grammar Grab Bag for this week’s language arts activities.

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.


I brought out the spelling cards. letter tiles, and spelling mat (in GGB).

Parker read this week’s spelling rule and we put our letter tiles in alphabetical order.

He thought of his own compound word and built it with the letter tiles on the spelling mat.

On Tuesday, Parker used his spelling cards to practice writing his words.

On Tuesday, Parker used his spelling cards to help complete his spelling sentences (in GGB).

Compound Words:

I set out the Apple & Worm Compound Word match activity (in GGB).

Parker created compound words by matching the worm word to the apple word.

Common & Proper Nouns:

I printed copies of our Apple for the Teacher – Common & Proper Noun pack.

You can purchase your copy here at our TPT Store.

Since we were learning about nouns, Parker read If You Were a Noun.

I set out the cards and sorting map. Parker worked through the stack.

Afterwards, Parker used his dot paints to color code the types of nouns.

Grammar Ace:

This year, Parker is using the Grammar Ace program. Just like Jordan, I decided to create a Grammar Ace notebook to keep track of all we’re learning

I set out construction-paper cookies to cover the three “in a nutshell” concepts.

Parker matched the cookie concepts in his notebook.

This notebook will be fun and animated enough to be a great way to quickly review grammar concepts.

Creative Writing:

This week, we decided to change-up our creative writing assignment this week with a special card for grandma.

First and just for fun, we read How to Babysit a Grandma.

Afterwards, Parker created a card with an acrostic poem and colorful artwork.


I updated our reading shelves. Our summer ocean theme dramatically changed. For the school year.

Colorful and exciting back to school books lined our shelf.

In addition to our assigned books, we read some fun back to school themed stories.



We blew up a balloon and rubbed it against a woolish pillow to get a good charge of static electricity.

We placed it near the stream of water and sure enough, it bended! Simple and cool!

Here’s it is, caught on video! SO fun!


Since we were learning about magnets, I brought out our magnet kit and hit the little magnetic objects in our sensory bin.

The boys used their magnets to find all the treasures buried beneath.

The boys collected items to test and brought them back to the classroom.

They tested their items and marked whether they were magnetic or not.

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