Sonlight Level E (Week 3):

This was a short week, because of the Labor Day weekend. We had to double-up on quite a few activities so we didn’t get behind.


Memory Verse:

I printed copies of the 6th-9th verse tracer pages.

On Tuesday, the boys read Psalm 103:1-9 twice and traced the sixth and seventh verse.

On Wednesday, the boys read Psalm 103:1-9 twice and traced the eighth and ninth verse. On Thursday, the boys recited the first nine verses by heart.

Starting Strong:

This week we learned about Peter denying Christ. This is always a gut-wrenching part of Peter’s life.

We talked about how failure isn’t final. I love Peter’s story. Even on his worst day, God didn’t give up on Peter. Grace and mercy are wondrous gifts!


Calendar Work:

I printed copies of our September calendar worksheet for the boys to complete.

You can grab your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

The boys added dates, icons for birthdays and holidays, and answered the calendar-related questions.


The Great Turkey Walk:

This week we finished reading The Great Turkey Walk.

The boys sketched turkeys using an art tutorial I found online.


6th Grade:

This week, Bub was working on outlines. I had him create an outline for a dog report since we’re studying The Old Woman Who Named Things.

Bub chose to do his report about the pomsky. We looked up information about this adorable cross-breed and Bub filled in the information in his outline. We’ll continue this project over the next few weeks.

4th Grade:


I created an Apple Farm Grammar Grab Bag (GGB) for this week’s language arts activities.

You can purchase your copy here at our TPT Store.


I set out the spelling cards, letter tiles, and spelling mat (in GGB).

Parker used his mat to build a word that broke on a double consonant (in GGB).

Since we were combining activities for the short week, Parker completed his spelling sentences (in GGB).


We reviewed our spelling rule and practiced breaking the word on the double syllable (vc/cv).

Then he used his dot paint to mark the number of syllables in each word.

Sensory Poem:

Since it’s apple picking season, we chose the Apple as our subject for Parker’s sensory poem.

First, Parker picked an apple from the fridge and colored a cut-out apple to match.

He added his apple to our Apple Tasting Tree.

Then Parker used our apple slicer to cut apart his Fuji apple.

He used his Apple Adjectives to record his findings. Later he wrote his apple poem using many of the adjectives from his worksheet.

Grammar Ace:

This week we reviewed sentences in our Grammar Ace program.

I prepared the lapbook page with a garden theme.

Parker put his lapbook together, matching the “in a nutshell” words and definitions.

The pages we’re creating will be a great way for him to review grammar concepts in the future.


Since we had to double-up on our weekly reading, we didn’t get through many books from our reading shelf.

Parker and I squeezed in a few cute back to school books.


This week, we had to catch-up on our reading as well as do two TOPs experiments.

TOPs Magnetism:

We brought out our science boxes and TOPs notebooks.

The boys worked through the second and third TOPs experiments. It felt good catching up!

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