Sonlight Level E (Week 21)


Memory Verse:

This was our last week of memorizing John 15. I printed the last tracer page for the boys.

You can grab your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

The boys traced verses seven and eight. They continued practicing it until they could recite it by heart.


Grammar Grab Bag:

I created a Snowy Day themed Grammar Grab Bag (GGB) for this week’s language arts activities.

You can purchase your copy here at our TPT Store.


I printed Parker’s spelling cards, letter tiles, spelling mat, and coordinating worksheets (in GGB).

First, Parker read this week’s spelling rule.

Next, he thought of a word, using the spelling rule, and built it on his mat.

Lastly, he used his spelling words to practice writing them on his worksheet.

The next day, Parker brought out his spelling cards to complete his sentences.

Root Word Rhymes:

I set out our Snowy Day Root Word Rhymes on Learning Lane.

Parks matched all of the root words and rhyming words correctly.

Types of Sentences:

First, Parker and I reviewed the types of sentences in his grammar lesson.

Afterwards, he worked on his “I Can Fix It!” – Types of Sentences” worksheet.

He still was having trouble differentiating between “imperative” and “declarative” sentences. So he worked through his copywork pages to really strengthen his ability to differentiate between the two.

Grammar Ace:

I decided to use a winter themed layout for this week’s Grammar Ace lesson on paragraphs.

I set out his Grammar Ace notebook, with all the elements needed for this week’s page layout.

First, Parker added our “Snow Many Paragraphs” title with stickers letters.

Next, he built our snowman buddy with the cut-out shapes.

Last, Parker added the “in a nutshell” snowflake terms with their matching definitions.

It looked snow cute! We made sure to leave room for future snowflakes terms that we plan to add in the coming weeks.


We continued to read through our winter and bird themed books.


We’re having fun exploring space. I planned an activity for both the sun and the moon. I accidentally mixed up the two. This week should have been the sun, but we did our moon activity. We’ll catch up next week with our sun activity.

The Moon:

First, we read a few picture books, about the moon, on our Epic app.

Next, Parker and I headed to the kitchen to make moon cake. He measured and mixed the dry ingredients together.

Then he added the wet ingredients and stirred the batter.

We baked the cake and pressed measuring spoons into the surface to make craters.

We dusted the cake with powdered sugar. Everyone enjoyed a slice of cake after dinner.

TOPs #32:

We continued to work through our TOPs science experiments.

Parker worked through each step, lighting the bulb dimly with batteries in parallel and brightly with batteries in a series.


Feeding the Birds:

I set out a tray with cheerios and berries.

Parks and I made several snack rings for the kids.

We hung them on the fairy tree during our morning walk.

We sat under a tree and read “The Crow and the Jug” while Parks ate a snack.

We recycled some string cuttings and hung them in the bushes so birds could use them in their nests.

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