Sonlight Core A (Week 7)


This week we read about Medieval Europe.  We watched coordinating videos from our Sonlight Core A playlist.

Life in a Castle:

We read In the Castle by Anna Milbourne.  

Jordan pretended to be the king knighting his brother.

He drew a target on the board and practiced his sword skills.

Medieval Pouch:

We read about clothing in medieval Europe.

I cut out circles and snipped slits all around the outside edge.  And handed them to the boys to sew.

Parker doesn’t seem amused, but living in medieval times wasn’t always fun.😉

They sewed their pouches and cinched them together.

They tied them to their waist and they looked SUPER cute…I mean very manly!  Parker added his sword like the man in the book…too cool!

Even Haley took a break from her U.S. history (Core E) to put together a sticker by number castle and swaddle her baby doll.

Medieval Feast

I picked up a rotisserie chicken for our special dinner.

I heated the chicken in the oven with some crusty bread.

Jordan and I prepared vegetables.

And placed them in the oven to roast.

We couldn’t have a feast without dessert, so we mixed together a Trader Joe Pumpkin Cake (in lieu of the more traditional honey or ginger cake).

Bub even dressed for dinner in his armor costume.

Everyone enjoyed dinner and desert.

Who knew Medieval times could be so much fun?


Parker didn’t have a new letter of the week, but we continued to work on letter matching and other phonics activities.

We did several rhyming activities with our CVC pumkins.

He listened to vowel songs from our Core A playlist and practiced identifying the short vowel sounds in our apple CVC words.

Starting Sounds

I set up a bin with all the uppercase and lowercase letters we’ve learned so far (F, B, M, T, A, and R) along with some of our initial sound apple cards From A Dab of Glue Will Do.

First, Parker worked on matching the uppercase and lowercase letters together.

Next, Parker matched the apple card picture to it’s initial sound.

Skip Counting

We continued our number vocabulary lessons from our Language and Thinking book.

The first day, Parker worked on skip counting by twos using our Apple Picking – Skip Counting by TWOs printable pack.

The first day, Parker worked on skip counting by twos using our Apple Picking – Skip Counting by TWOs printable pack.


The next day he worked on skip counting by fives.

We even used our apple estimation jar to continue working on skip counting.


We also did some calendar work for the month of October.  This month our featured picture was from Egypt, so we located Egypt on our world map.


Waves in a Bottle:

We read about waves earlier in the week, so we decided to make the waves in the bottle experiment as suggested in our Usborne Children’s Encyclopedia.


First we gathered our materials.  Next, I had Jordan fill our bottle 2/3 full with water.

Then we added a drop of blue & turquoise food coloring.


Last, Jordan used a funnel to add mineral oil.


I tightly screwed on our bottle top and we gently rocked it to see our waves in action.  It was cool looking, but it didn’t really resemble a “wave” (in my opinion).

Freezing Experiment:

This week we read about icebergs, arctic animals, and how some liquids turn to solid under freezing temperatures.

The boys each chose 6 liquids they wanted to freeze on each side of our ice cube tray.   I’ve created a worksheet that should make this process easier.  You can download your FREE copy here!

While Parkie napped, Jordan helped me fill the ice cube trays.  We had to tint some of the liquids so we could tell what everything was.


We placed them in our mini freezer to chill….we’ll check on them later!


This week we were practicing our cutting skills.

Since we were rowing How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World, I made an apple cutting practice printable you can download for FREE!


After cutting his apple shapes, he glued them to blue construction paper and turned them into “apple people”…too cute!

That’s it for week 7, but we’re looking forward to week 8!

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