Sonlight Core E – Freedom Train

Haley is working pretty independently this year, but I’m trying to include some fun projects as time permits.  She’s starting Freedom Train this week and I want to include some quilt patterns for her to put together in our Learning Lane.

Quilt Pattern Blocks:

My friend Kate sent me a great quilt pattern printable.  I printed the quilt patterns as well as the Underground Railroad Quilt Guide you can see in the picture below.

I cut the felt pieces ahead of time, colored the cards to match, and placed it in our Learning Lane the night before school.  She was SO excited to see an activity just for her!  She loved working on the quilt patterns!She used the quilt pattern guide and told me what the quilt pattern was called and what it meant.
Here’s another quilt pattern block I set up in our Learning Lane.

Freedom Quilt Creative Writing:

Haley was suppose to write a poem about a character she’s learned about so far.  Since she was having so much fun with the quilt pattern blocks, I instructed her to design her own freedom quilt and write a short story about it.

First, she designed her quilt using graph paper to ensure the quilt pattern blocks were proportioned correctly.  Next, she wrote a story that was SO touching!


I made a copy of the picture, but it doesn’t do it justice.  This really enriched her learning experience while reading through the life of Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad…thank you Sonlight and Pinterest!

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