Sonlight Core A (Week 9)


This week was a light week, since all three kids had MAP testing on the school campus. We may not have had many activities, but we kept up on our Bible readings as the Israelites made their way to the promised land.


Here’s a picture of the cuties on their way to MAP testing 😉

Memory Verse:


We swapped our “Letter I” and “Letter P” verses since Parker needed to learn the “Letter P” verse before our Harvest Festival.  He’s dressing in the full armor of God!!!

img_5926-1As Parker listened to his “Letter P” verse from his Sing the Word CD, he traced his Bible Memory verse using our G-M Bible Verse Printable Pack and added it in his Bible lapbook.

Language Arts:

Letter of the Week:

Parker continued his letter of the week activities.

He listened to the letter “P” songs I added to our Core A playlist and practiced building and writing in his HWOT workbook.


This week we created a “P is for Princess Peach” character to add to his ABC Notebook.  He was SUPER excited to see another Mario character!

Letter P Apple Sensory Bin:

I used our apple sensory bin (lentils, colored wood beads and our Letter P Apple Alphabet Sorting printable from Life Over Cs) again this week for another Letter P activity.


He used his training chopsticks to find the buried “Letter P apples”.  He LOVED this activity!  Since we had the sensory bin out…..

Vowel Match:

I printed out The Blue Reading Picture Cards from The Helpful Garden.  I laid out the vowel cards (A, E, I, O, and U) and placed the picture cards in a stack for Parker to sort through.

He said the word, sounded out the vowels, and successfully worked through the stack.

Measuring Up:

Since we had our sensory bin out already AND our Language and Thinking book encouraged us to measure with cups and spoons, we decided to play, play, play!

Cups and Spoons:

I brought out some green measuring cups and one of our play spoons.  Parkie dug right in and scooped and leveled like he learned during our FIAR Lentil row.

As he was playing, I challenged him to see how many “1/4 cups are in 1/2 cup” and “how many spoonfuls would fill the cup”.  This was a VERY relaxed lesson, but a perfect introduction to measuring with cups and spoons.

Pounds and Ounces:

First, we talked about “ounces” and “pounds” and the abbreviations for both.  I was interrupted with a request to bring out something that related to this lesson.

img_5940The workout weights are measured in pounds….so they demonstrated with 3 and 5 “pound” weights!

Next, we went into the kitchen to look at labels.  The boys quickly caught on and were looking for “oz” and “lbs” on the labels.

It’s just starting to feel like fall here, so we brought out some apples, leaves, and pumpkins for the next part of this lesson.  Using our food scale, the boys took turns measuring their fall items and recording them on a worksheet I quickly drew for them.

Measuring Up - Pounds and OuncesI created a Measuring in Pounds and Ounces worksheet you can download for FREE at our TPT store!

We also talked about using the “tare” button.  Once they were done weighing their fall items, I told them to grab three kinds of candy from their candy stash.

img_5951They weighed them, recorded their findings, and picked one to eat!  Who knew learning could be SO delicious!

Tactile Letters:

We used lowercase letter cards to create tactile letters for the lowercase b, d, and p.  I cut them out and pasted them to thin cardboard.  Then I used adhesive foam to create the letters.  I set them out on a tray.

Parker traced each one with his finger and practiced writing them in our cinnamon scented salt tray.


Plants We Use:

I printed and laminated these beautiful Where Things Come From cards from The Helpful Garden.


Parker and I went through the various plants and what they become.

img_6024I cut out a giant leaf from Construction Paper and filled a bin with various magazine cuttings of food, clothing, and other articles we used that come from plants.

Parker glued the items to the leaf and we talked about what they are and what plant they come from.


Pouring Liquid:

I brought out our Melissa and Doug Tea Set and filled the pitcher with water.  I set a few items out on a tray and let the boys take turns pouring.

This was great practice and quite a bit of fun for the boys!

We’re really enjoying our Sonlight curriculum….looking forward to week 10!

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