A Pair of Red Clogs Printables!

The kids and I are really enjoying learning about Japan and Japanese culture while we’re rowing A Pair of Red Clogs""A Pair of Red Clogs (FIAR Volume 1).  I created some fun printables to go along with this unit.

Bible Memory Verse Pack

We chose to memorize Proverbs 12:22 for this book.  I’ve created another Bible verse printable pack that includes 1 poster, 2 tracer pages (print & cursive), a copywork page, a Bible verse puzzle, and a lapbook insert.

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 3.50.04 PMVisit our TPT store to purchase your copy for only $1.00!  While there you can download the above Tracer Page Subscriber FREEbie in the Preview!

The Weather-Telling Game FREEbies!

I’ve created some fun and FREE printables to go with Mako’s weather-telling game.  This is a fun story sequencing activity.  First, print the Weather-Telling Game Cards, laminate them, and let your students try to figure out the order as told in the book.

The Weather Telling Game worksheet can be used with the cards or alone.  Students can cut and paste the weather predictions and weather icons in the correct order.



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