Sonlight Core A (Week 16)


Memory Verse:

Though we were suppose to be on “Letter P”, we switched with “Letter I” back in week nine.

Parker listened to the “Letter I” verse from his Sing the Word CD, traced his Bible Memory verse using our G-M Bible Verse Printable Pack.

We cut it apart like a puzzle and he added it to his Bible verse lapbook.


This week we read about factories and how people lived during that time.  We read about the wealthy factory owner’s dinner parties.

We even folded our napkin “fancy” just like the book instructed!


This week was all about the “Letter J” and Parker continued his usual letter of the week activities.

We even added a “J is for Jawa” character in his ABC lapbook!

Christmas CVC Spelling:

This week we worked on both the starting and ending sounds using our CVC Christmas printable.

Earlier in the week, he spelled a few CVC cards on a tray.

Later in the week he worked on all the cards I set out.  He’s really good at sounding out each letter!

Listening – Simon Says:

We continued our listening game with another round of Simon Says.  The boys LOVE action breaks!

Big sister even joined us near the end….LOVE their enthusiasm!

Phonics – Ending Sound State Game:

Our Language and Thinking manual instructed us to play a game where we had to name something then grab the ending sound and think of a NEW word that started with that sound.

We brought out our Melissa and Doug US State Placemats and started with a state that starts with A (I’m pretty sure Parker is sounding out “Alabama”).

Listening – CLUES & Adjectives:

I brought out our little felt Christmas tree and placed all the ornaments on the table.  We played a festive game of “Christmas Clues”.  The rules were simple…choose an ornament, say a clue (an adjective to describe it), and give everyone a chance to guess it.  The person who guesses it, goes next.


We played this game until all the ornaments were on the tree!

Creative Writing:

This week Parker needed to pick one of our family’s Christmas traditions and write about it.

He made a list of our family traditions and chose to write about how we decorate our tree.

Phonics – Ending Sound:

We brought out our picture cards from our Christmas Penguin Alphabet Pack and some magnetic letters.  I instructed Parker to listen for the ending sound.

He did a great job!  He even figured out the tricky silent “e” in apple.  Great job Parks!


We continued our side work on math facts.  This week we tackled “doubles plus one”.  I created a Christmas Cookie themed “Doubles Plus One” math facts pack. for him to use.

I instructed Parker to take the smaller number and double it plus one.

He did a great job matching up the “hot cocoa answers” to the “Christmas cookie equations”.

I had Jordan work on matching up the Christmas Penguins – Sums of Tens equation and answer cards.  This was a great break from his usual math drills.


This week we learned about plants and seeds.  I brought out our seed cards (from Counting Coconuts) and presented them in a basket.

We brought out our seeds while reading through the science lesson.

After answering our science questions, the boys took turns matching the seeds and cards.


This week we worked on learning how to properly wash dishes.  I made sure we had an assortment of dishes to wash.

img_7598Parker squeezed in some soap and we filled up the sink with sudsy water.  I brought out our tower, put on his apron, and he got to work.

What an adorable dish washer!  He told me he wanted to do this again!

We had a fun this week and we’re looking forward to another wonderful week of learning before Christmas break!

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