Sonlight Core E – The Great Depression Cake (Week 19)

Haley has been learning about WWI, the Stock Market crash, and the great depression.  I thought it would be fun to shake up her lessons with a little baking adventure, relevant to what she was reading about in her U.S. History.

Food rationing was a serious issue for most Americans.  People couldn’t rely on staple foods like milk, butter, and eggs so they had to improvise and get creative with their recipes.

Depression Cake:

The Depression Cake goes by several names, Crazy Cake, War Cake, Whacky Cake and the-like, but the recipe is missing same ingredients….no eggs, no butter, and no milk.  I planned to do this activity with Haley, but she wanted to do it herself (VERY impressive)!


She found a Crazy Cake recipe online and gathered her ingredients.


She carefully measured her ingredients, double checking to make sure she didn’t leave anything out…..she wanted the family to taste-test her creation.


She mixed her batter and licked the spoon (no eggs, no worries)!


She looked at the cake and was a bit upset that there were flecks of flour, but was proud of herself for creating a family dessert all on her own!

b0d7b792-d709-4410-888a-27449220875e-32632-00001de7c865b1f4_fileThe family LOVED it which encouraged her to try baking a new creation….hmmm, what will she cook up next?  Stay tuned!

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