Sonlight Core A (Week 19)


Bible Memory Verse:

Parker listened to his Sing the Word “Letter S” verse and traced his worksheet from our N-T Bible Verse Tracer Pages.

Later we cut his tracer apart like a puzzle.  He pieced it together and glued it in his Bible Lapbook.


We didn’t have a new letter of the week, so we spent extra time on phonics and grammar activities.


I added some snowflake CVC picture cards to our Polar Bear Fishing – Build-a-Word pack for Parker to use.  I handed him the Build-a-Word mat, letter tiles, and a few CVC picture cards.

He built the CVC words, sounding out the beginning, middle, and ending letter sounds.

ABC Order:

I wrote the CVC words at the bottom of our Snowflake Picture Cards and handed them to Parker.

We sang through the Alphabet Song then we went through our stack of words, sorting them by ABC order.


I created a Penguin and Snowflake Rhymes Grammar Pack to use for Parker this week.  You can purchase this printable from our TPT store.

First, I set out the Penguin word cards and gave him the stack of snowflake picture cards.  He worked on matching the rhymes.

Next, he used his magnifying glass to find all the hidden words and used his dot paint to color the matching rhymes.


Shapes Review:

We practiced our shapes using an old file folder I made during our preschool days.

Parker matched each shape with its shadow.  I had him say the name of each shape as he matched them.  This was a great review!

Math Facts:

While on a shape theme, I drew up a quick worksheet for Parker to work on his “Doubles Plus One” math facts.  He rolled his dice, doubled the value, and added one.  He did great!

We also reviewed his “Sums of Ten” math facts.  He knew them all by heart….so proud of him!


This week we learned about perimeter in our Horizon math book.

First, we talked about how the perimeter is the distance around something, like a fence around the yard.  We measured with snowflakes, a non-standard unit of measure.

Then we measured in inches with our ruler, a standard unit of measure.



I brought out our What Do Plants Need? sorting cards (Days of Creation cards from Lavinia Pop).

We sang “What Do Plants Need?” and later that day Parker sorted the items according to what plants need.

Since we were learning about various seeds, we spotted some dandelions and gave them a good, hard blow to watch the little “parachuters” fly away….just like we read about.

Tree Identification:

I purchased two sets of Tree Identification cards (Montessori Print Shop).  Parker used the control cards to match.

Parker matched two sets of cards, one deciduous tree and one evergreen tree.

We also read Winter Trees and I made a hand-drawn Tree worksheet to go along with our Usborne Science Activity book reading about trees.

The boys filled in the various parts of the tree and colored the worksheet with their dot paints.


They turned out really colorful and cute!

I set out our Montessori tree puzzle so the boys could put it together and label the parts.


One day we read about Fungus and I brought out some fungi pictures I printed online.

We looked through the pictures and we talked about NEVER eating any mushrooms unless we purchase them from the store.


I brought out our Parts of the Mushroom cards and some white mushrooms I bought from the store.

The boys cut them apart and we identified all the parts of the mushroom (except the cup and roots).

While exploring outside, Jordan found a MASSIVE mushroom growing on the green belt.  We turned it over and reviewed the various parts from memory.

The boys had fun dissecting it with sticks….LOVE that we found this after just studying fungi!

We also found this LOVELY specimen of mold growing nearby…SO cool!


This week Parker worked on designing a Thank You Card.  He made one for a sweet woman in our church who gave him a children’s atlas activity book!


He decided to paint the front with smelly dot paints, because he thought she would love smelling the card!


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  1. What a neat Science project learning about Fungi and Mushrooms! and then discovering giant mushrooms! How cool! Great pictures, Natalie!

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