Sonlight Core F: Science and Art – Painting with Lung Power (Week 4)

This week Haley was learning about the respiratory system. I thought it would be fun to add an experiment.

Instead, I came across an art project that needed lung power…painting with a straw! Using our lungs sounded like a great way to wrap up our respiratory lesson!

Haley gathered her art supplies and headed to the kitchen!

First we watered down the tempura paints so they were easier to blow across the paper.

She dropped puddles of paint and blew it across the page until it roughly resembled a tree trunk.

Then she added dots of pink, because she wanted her tree to be a cherry blossom tree.

Haley used her watercolor pens to write ” spring” on the top and “cherry blossom” on the bottom in Korean characters since she started reading about North Korea in Social Studies!

I guess this was an art, science, AND social studies project! It turned out beautiful!

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