Sonlight Core F – Macha & Mochi (Japanese Culture)

As we ended our unit on Japan, Haley chose to celebrate with a traditional tea party.

I challenged her to make a Japanese dessert to serve. She chose Mochi.

She printed her recipe and gathered all the ingredients.

She measured her dry ingredients.

Then, she measured her wet ingredients.

The best part was adding the color. She chose blue and was thrilled with the shade.

She incorporated her dry ingredients into her wet ingredients and mixed until smooth.

We covered it with foil, placed it in the oven, and worked on other things while it baked.

Haley dusted the counter with corn starch while the mochi cooled.

Once it cooled, we sliced it into bite-sized cubes.

It was a beautiful shade of blue and she was SUPER pleased with her final product! Sayonara Japan! M

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