Sonlight Core F – Shadow Spinner & Making Sharbat

Shadow Spinner:

This was Haley’s second week reading the Shadow Spinner.  Each week, I add several clips to her Sonlight Core F playlist.


Sharbat was one of Haley’s vocabulary words this week.  In Arabic, it means a drink of sugar and water, but is often with fruit or rose petals. I found a recipe for Haley to watch on our Sonlight Core F playlist.

She chose grapefruit since we had several ripe grapefruits growing on our tree.

The grapefruit was picked, prepped, and ready for juicing.

Haley sliced the grapefruit..

She juiced them by hand.

Then she mixed in some sugar.

After mixing the ingredients, we placed it in the fridge to chill it.

She enjoyed this sweet and refreshing beverage.

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