Sonlight Core B (Week 33)


Memory Verse:

I created a Bible Verse Tracer for this weeks verse.

Memory Verse Tracer Page (John 14:23)
John 14:23 Bible Tracer Page

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

Parker traced his verse on Monday while listening to the coordinating Sing the Word track.

On Wednesday, we cut his tracer apart like a puzzle and he glued it together in his Bible notebook.


I Can Read It!

This week we were learning about the ai and ay vowel digraphs.  I created a Happy Spring Roll, Read, & Cover worksheet for Parker.

Happy Spring - I Can Read It! Roll, Read, and Cover (Lesson 33)
I Can Read It #33 Worksheet

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

Parker used his dot paints to complete his Roll, Read, & Cover worksheet.

Syllables & Synonyms:

This week the boys were reviewing syllables and synonyms.  I created a Spring Flower Garden themed mini combination pack for Jordan to work on syllables and synonyms.

Spring Garden - Syllables & Synonyms Mini Combo Pack
Spring Flower Garden FREEbie

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

First, the boys used the mats to sort the flower word cards by syllables.


Next, they went through the stack of flower cards and wrote the coordinating synonym.

My Suffix Garden GRAMMARtivity:

This week Parker was also adding suffixes to root words, so I decided to have him do another garden themed grammar craft.

I cut a sheet of blue construction paper in half and taped it together at the sides.  Next, I used a 1/2 sheet of brown paper cut in a wavy pattern and glued to the bottom of the page.  Last, I wrote the root words on yellow circles, the suffixes on the stems, and cut out pink and red flower tops.  Parker glued the stems and flowers on the garden soil.

Next, Parker glued on the yellow center root words and added “My Suffix Garden” in foam letters.  Once he “planted his garden”, he read each new word aloud.

It turned out really cute and a great way to reinforce the concept of root words and suffixes.


Bending Light:

This week we read how light travels slower in water which causes it to bend and make our straw appear bent or broken.

We also brought out a glass water jar to use to magnify the text.

It’s always more fun to “read and do” these type of science lessons.

Solar System:

Space Rocks!:

As we read through out Space book, we learned about asteroids, meteoroids, and more.  I added some clips to our Sonlight Core B playlist.

The above clip had a fun activity using flour and cocoa to make craters.

I brought out our Wacky Cake recipe from our Goodnight Moon post and decided to turn our “crater” play into an “asteroid cake”.

First, I prepped the dish by adding our dry ingredients and covering them with the cocoa, dusted across so they couldn’t see the flour beneath.

They each took turns dropping their space rocks (chocolate covered nuts) into the dish and creating craters.

When finished, we added our wet ingredients and they helped mix the batter.  We baked it in the oven and set it aside to cool.

Once cool, we dusted it with powdered sugar and gobbled it up!

Watercolor Planets:

We continued painting our planets as we read about each one.

We also added the asteroid belt which separates the inner planets from the outer planets.

We left off with the first of the outer planets.

That night we read In the Beginning on our Bible app and the boys were SO excited to see the planets they had been studying about!


Earth Day:


This Monday we celebrated Earth Day with a special Egg cup “earth” and a “let there be light” bagel (cream cheese/Nutella).

While the kids ate their Earth breakfast, I read the Creation story as well as some Earth Day books.

We took a walk outside to enjoy the beauty of God’s great creation.

The boys climbed up a tree on our way home.

We read more Earth Day books.

The kids chose seeds and planted them in their old Lego Advent boxes, giving us a chance to REUSE and RECYCLE!

This was a fun way to celebrate the beautiful world God made us!

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