Sonlight Core F – Pigments in Nature (Week 31)

This week Haley was learning about natural pigments in science. I thought it might be fun to naturally dye eggs since Easter is just around the corner.

First, we prepped red cabbage, radishes, purple potatoes, and onion peels.

We added our eggs to each pot.

Then she filled the pots with water to cover the tops of the egg.

We boiled them for 20 minutes.

We removed the eggs from the pots and placed them in mason jars. We poured the liquid over them and added a teaspoonful of vinegar.

We set them in the refrigerator overnight.

img_1723.jpgThe following day, we drained the mason jars to find these gorgeous eggs!


While peeling the eggs, I discovered the eggs boiled with beets had turned a beautiful shade of pink!  SO SO cool!

We served them with a slice of bread, chopped tomatoes, and some fresh fruit.  Everyone loved them.


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