Sonlight Level C (Week 29)


Memory Verse:

I printed the seventh verse in the Psalm 121 printable pack.

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

On Monday, Parker traced his verse while listening to his Sing the Word track.

On Tuesday, he illustrated his verse.

On Wednesday, Parker cut and pasted his verse in hid Bible notebook.


Parker presented Windy Nights.

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.


Grammar Grab Bag:

I created a Spring Puddles Grammar Grab Bag (GGB) for this week’s Language Arts activities.

Spring Puddles 2nd Grade Grammar Grab Bag #29

You can purchase it here at our TPT Store.


I added the spelling cards, writing worksheet, spelling mat and letter tiles (in GGB) to our Monday folder (Red).

First, we used the letter tiles and spelling mat to practice this week’s letter combination.

Afterwards, Parker used the spelling cards to practice writing his spelling list.

On Tuesday, he used his spelling cards to complete his Fun Facts spelling worksheet.

Word Sorting:

I also added the word sorting activity (in GGB) to our Monday folder (Red). I cut the word cards apart and presented them with the sorting mat.

Parker read each word and sorted it by long or short ea sound.

Afterwards, Parker color-coded the raindrop words on the Ducky Puddles worksheet (in GGB).

Types of Sentences:

I added the Types of Sentence cards and worksheet (in GGB) in our Tuesday Folder (Yellow).

I set out the Sentence Cards on Learning Lane. I asked Parker to match them. He worked through the stack, but he missed a few. We read through and corrected the ones that were wrong.

Afterwards, he completed the Types of Sentences worksheet (in GGB).

Two Hands:

I thought it would be great to study the continents and make a world map while reading Two Hands.

The Seven Continents:

We read The Seven Continents (Rookie Read-About Geography: Continents: Previous Editions) and I printed a continent printable (Twinkl) for Parker to color.

He labeled the continents after coloring them.

Then he cut them out to attach to his world map. We set them aside.

He added “The World” with foam letters. Then he glued each continent in its rightful place.

It turned out really colorful and beautiful! Great job Parks!



Since we were learning about planes, I brought out some play fighter jets I had on hand.

I gave the assembled plane to Parker and Jordan put together the other one.

The classroom became an airport as planes ascended, descended, and MANY crash landings!

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