Speak to Me

Early learning happens in the common, everyday moments of life. The soothing sound of a mother’s/father’s voice is a source of comfort. We teach our family by simply living life in front of them every day.

Talk All Day:

I was given a wonderful piece of advice when I was pregnant with our first-born, Haley. My friend told me to talk to my daughter all day by vocalizing everything I do.

Honestly, it felt a little awkward at first, but I stuck with it, and it became like second nature.

“Okay cutie, let’s change your diaper. I’m unsnapping your jammies. Wow! There’s a bunch of snaps…”

“Let’s go for a walk. It’s beautiful outside. It’s a bit cold, but the sun feels warm…”

“Hi! What are you doing? Are you playing with all your animals? Is that your frog? I love you…”

“Are you ready for lunch? Let’s cut up some avocado and bananas. Does that sound yummy? Today we’re having a jar of apples and apricots. Mmmm..”

“Well, it’s time to fold the laundry. Are you helping me match the socks? Thank you for your help….”

Make it Your Own:

Once you start verbalizing your day, have fun and develop your own style. Are you musical? Add a little sing-song? Use silly voices and make up funny little rhymes. Have fun and make it your own! Your audience already adores you!

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