Baby Books

Reading to children builds their vocabulary and sparks their imagination. I believe it’s never too early to start reading to your kids. I started reading to my babies once they were big enough to prop up on my lap in our rocking chair.

Touch & Feel Books:

Peekaboo Series:

The Peekaboo! series is a great start. My friend gave us our first Farm Peekaboo book when Haley was born and she LOVED it! Quickly, we added many more to our home library. I found that many childrens books are too text heavy, but this series is perfect for short attention spans!

The Peekaboo! series was one of our favorites. Each page provides a variety of colors and textiles that babies can experience with sight and touch.

The text is simple enough to “ad-to-it” as your baby grows. Adding “orange” in front of “boat” will allow you to introduce colors in a natural way.

The board book format is strong enough to hold up to the loving wear and tear it will receive in your home.

My kids loved the Peekaboo! books well through their toddler years. My active little guy LOVED thumbing through the pages on his own.

We used them with all three kids!

Scholastic Little “Hello (Season)” Series:

Little Scholastic created this wonderful touch and feel set of books about the four seasons.

My kids would often pull these off the shelf and ask me to read them. They are perfect for babies and through their toddler/preschool years.

These are great table time books, especially since you can easily wipe off little sticky fingerprints!

Bible Board Books:

We LOVE The Beginner’s Bible, but shorter attention spans NEED Bible story board books.

We found The Stories of Jesus Bible Board Books when Jordan was a baby. They are very simple, but our squiggly-wiggly baby boy had a short attention span and this series worked perfectly for him!

Bub absolutely LOVED these! We read them over and over and over again! Honestly, there are so many new and wonderful Bible board books available today. The point is, find age-appropriate Bible stories that captivate your little ones!

The Story of:

When the kids were toddlers, we found The Story of… series. These are wonderful Bible story board books, but they have a bit more text. You can always tell the story, in your own words, using the pages as a visual representation.

Telling animated Bible stories, with funny and dramatic voices, was also a family favorite during the toddler phase!

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