Sonlight Level E (Week 12)


Bible Memory Verse:

I created a Bible tracer for Psalm 12.

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

The boys traced their verses on Monday. We practiced and started to memorize Psalm 12 the rest of the week.



I created a Fall is in the Air Grammar Grab Bag for this week’s language arts activities.

You can purchase your copy here at our TPT Store.


I set out Parker’s spelling cards, letter tiles, and spelling mat (in GGB).

Parker, in an obviously silly mood, read his spelling rule with a goofy face.

Next, he built a word ending in -ed, based on this week’s spelling rule.

Afterwards, Parker used his spelling cards to practice writing his spelling words.

On Tuesday, Parker used his spelling cards to complete his spelling sentences (in GGB).

Root Words & Suffixes:

I presented the root word cards with a bowl and s pair of scissors. I instructed Parker to cut the leaves apart by separating the root word from the suffix.

He hesitated on some root words ending with a silent e, because the ‘drop the e and add -ed rule, wasn’t apparent. Once I told him to cut after the root word, he understood and worked through the stack.

I set out the Fall Tree Suffixes (in GGB) and Parker added the leaf root word cards to see how many new words we could make.

Afterwards, he completed the Fall Tree Suffixes worksheet (in GGB).

Descriptive Words:

This week, Parker was learning about the using descriptive words in his writing. As instructed, we played the “hide it under a napkin” game. I gave really generic words then made them descriptive so he could guess the object.

He LOVED this game! After several rounds, he clearly saw the importance of using descriptive words.

Autumn Colors:

I decided to take this topic a little further while taking advantage of the brilliant, vivid colors of Autumn.

First, we sat and read Little Frog and the Scary Autumn Thing.

Leaf Rubbings:

After collecting some large leaves outside, I presented them in a basket with our non-washable large crayons and heavy weight oversized paper.

I did an initial set of colored leaf rubbings to ensure the paper wasn’t too thick. I gave him the choice of using colored crayons or a brown/black crayon and water colors. He chose the latter.

First, he made the leaf rubbings using a black crayon.

We added a few details to harden the edges and match the actual leaf texture.

He assigned a fall color to each leaf. We had two extra leaves that he would use to record any other descriptive words he wanted to write down.

We thumbed through the book as Parker recorded all the descriptive words used for each fall color.

He used his watercolors to add various shades of each color. This was a fun and festive way to cement our lesson on descriptive words.

I chose to have write a descriptive poem to accompany his autumn artwork.

He did such a wonderful job. I just love all the fall colors!

Grammar Ace:

Since we were focusing on the colors of fall, I decided to make this week’s notebook page tie into our Little Frog theme.

Parker added the sticker “Voice” title.

Then he glued the leaf terms to their matching “In a Nutshell” definitions.

It turned out colorful and festive. I love this season!

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