Sonlight Level F (Week 2)


Memory Verse:

I printed the third and fourth verses from the Psalm 91 Bible verse printable .

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store!

Parker traced the third and fourth verse on Monday, glued them in his Bible notebook on Tuesday, and practiced them throughout the week so he could recite it on Thursday.



I continued to read through our history book while Parker colored a page about China.

He also used our Sonlight map as a guide for labeling the map of China from Ancient China to the Great Wall…and Beyond.

Chopstick Manners:

We watch a few videos about chopstick manners and how to properly use them.

Afterwards, we practiced using them to transfer pom-poms.

Ming China:

As we were reviewing the dynasties, we came across an interesting read about Ming Vases. Afterwards, we brought out a miniature tea set that was crafted in the white china with cobalt blue markings.



Since we were learning about China, we read several fun picture books on Epic that centered around some of the things we were discussing.

We loved The Story of Chopsticks so much and wanted to know if it was true. I found this brief history in An Uncommon History of Common Things. With a good dose of creative liberty, the story was still built around actual historical facts.

Paper Lanterns:

We continued to study our Paper Lanterns book and noted many similarities between this sweet story and Young Fu.

The boys and I decided to make our own paper lanterns. We were having a fun and crafty week.


Amylase Experiment:

We read about the process of enzymes breaking down starch during digestion.

We headed to the kitchen for our soda cracker experiment. It was hard holding hour “bolus” in our mouths for five minutes, because we kept wanting to swallowing it. After dome time, Parker tasted the sweet notes rendered from the amylase process.

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