Sonlight Level F (Week 3)


Memory Verse:

I printed the fifth and sixth tracer pages from our printable.

You can get your FREE copy here at our TPT store.

On Monday, Parker traced his Bible verse pages.

On Tuesday, we cut and pasted his verse in his Bible notebook. He reviewed them all week and recited them on Thursday.



I brought out Parker’s China kit so he could try making Chinese characters.

Parker had fun making Chinese characters. He even created a family tree.

The Tale of Tea:

First, we read The Tale of Tea on our Epic app.

Afterwards, we created a tea lifecycle and Parker designed his own teacup.



Though it was a bit late in the month, I still wanted to review our calendar. I printed a copy of our September calendar worksheet and brought out A Child’s Calendar.

We read our September poem and I gave Parker his worksheet.

Parker added dates, holidays, and birthdays on his September worksheet.



I set out back to school themed books in the beginning of the school year.

We’ve been so busy with our study on China, that we barely read any of them. We better get a few books in before I set out our fall selection of books.

Unfortunately, we only read Froggy Goes to School, but we’ll leave our “Back to School” theme another week.



Truth be told, I wanted to do this activity when we read about the esophagus, but the supplies were buried too far back in the vloset.

This week we reviewed peristalsis in the intestinal track. I wasn’t going to miss it again. I retrieved the tube and marble from the closet and Parker helped demonstrate the contracting and relaxing movements.

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