Sonlight Level F (Week 4)


Memory Verse:

We continued memorizing the next two verses of our Psalm 91 Bible Verse Printable.

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

Parker traced his verses on Monday.


Chinese Culture:


I set up a stamping activity since we read about Chinese characters, calligraphy, and printing blocks.

We looked up the Chinese characters for “protection” and Parker created a stamp using wood tools and play-doh. We used that as the illustration for this week’s Bible verse.


We learned that the Chinese are credited for creating the first paper using plant pulp. We read that bamboo was one of the plants used in this process.

We read Life Cycles Bamboo on our Epic app. I created a notebook page so Parker could label the parts of the bamboo and the lifecycle of the bamboo plant.

He color-coded the parts of the bamboo plant and labeled and colored the bamboo lifecycle.


As we read about the land and wildlife, Parker added stickers to China on his Usborne World Atlas Sticker Book.


Since we were wrapping up our lessons about China, I brought out our Usborne History of the World Sticker Book.

Parker added all the stickers related to ancient China.


Parker read The Explosive Story of Fireworks on his own and I created a fun science art project. I used a metallic marker to list the various components used in fireworks and sent Parker on a Periodic Table of Elements treasure hunt!

We also read The Discovery if Fireworks and Gunpowder together on our Epic app. This was also very informative.

First, he used the Periodic placemat as a reference to find each element and its atomic number.

Then we headed to the kitchen to create our 3D fireworks using Elmer’s white glue and table salt. We set it aside to dry.

Once dry, Parker used watercolors to paint the fireworks. This was fun, because each element is used to add a specific color to the fireworks. Parker color-coded the fireworks to reflect each element.



I updated our reading shelf with some of our favorite autumn themed books.

There’s a good mix of apple, leaves, and all-things-autumn.


Since Parker wrapped up his unit on China, Randy ordered Chinese food for fun! Everyone enjoyed tasting the dishes and eating fortune cookies for dessert!

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