The Boxcar Children (Ch 3)

“A New Home in the Woods”


Memory Verse:

Jordan memorized Psalm 61:4 while rowing this chapter.

Character Lessons:

As with the previous chapters, we started with our Bible lessons with the Beyond Five in a Row Christian Character and Bible Supplement.

I created small Bible lessons with coordinated scripture verses for Jordan to look up and read on his own. I try to tie them into current topics he’s learning.



I created a Vocabulary worksheet for Jordan to complete. You can grab this FREEbie here at our TPT Store.

Jordan preferred to write in the vocabulary words rather than cut and paste them.


I loved this discussion point, because it was self-explanatory. As I approached him for a summary of his lesson, he told me he over-read! I them proceeded to have a natural conversation about Gertrude’s use of a cliffhanger. He totally got it…hook, line, and sinker!


The Golden Spike & Railroads:

I found a wonderful episode about The Transcontinentals Railroad on the History Channel.

Jordan and his dad watched it together. They didn’t mention the “golden spike”, but it was very informative (note: this video may not be suitable for all kids, so please preview it first).

I brought out our Timelines of Everything book so he could see the timeline of the railroad, including the “golden spike”.

Just for fun, Jordan played the Infinity Lone Ranger game which featured a train from this era.

Sources of Shelter:

Jordan read If You Lived Here, a book about various types of homes, or shelter, around the world.

I challenged him to build a shelter using any medium. He chose to build a pueblo on Minecraft.


Blueberry Bushes & Soil:

I assigned a few books for Jordan to read after reviewing the teacher’s manual and learning about blueberry bushes and the soil they grow in.

He read all about berry varieties in Julia Rothman’s Food Anatomy book.

He also read Blueberries Grow on a Bush. This is a wonderful book keep going back to whenever we learn about blueberries.

I created a U.S. map that Jordan could color-code with the top blueberry growing states. You can download this FREEbie here at our TPT Store.

Afterwards, Jordan headed to the kitchen to bake blueberry muffins. I found a recipe, he read and followed the recipe on his own. Later, we served them with Parker’s tea, as he was learning about China.

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