The Boxcar Children (Ch 5)

“The Explorers Find Treasure”


We’re loving the FIAR Bible and Character supplement. I assign those lessons first then create my own lessons to align with something Jordan is studying.

Memory Verse:

Jordan memorized Matthew 6:19-21 for this chapter.

Jordan wrote the verse in his Bible notebook. He practiced it and recited it at the end of the week.


Be an Encourager:

We read about Jessie encouraging Benny. I had Jordan read about Barnabas, the great encourager in Acts. Afterwards, we talked about how we can encourage others.



I printed our vocabulary worksheet for Bub. You can grab this FREEbie here at our TPT Store.

This chapter had quite a few vocabulary words. Some he knew, others he didn’t. We reviewed them together.

Writing & Discussion Question:

We talked about Benny’s wheels and what Jordan thought he would do with them. Then I asked Bub what he would do.


Louis Pasteur & Milk Preservation:

Jordan read Pasteur’s Fight Against Microbes.

Afterwards, we watched an Animated Hero Classics video on our playlist.

Sterilization & Boiling Water:

Jordan read about sterilizing water in his Improve Your Survival Skills book. It’s a great book for young boys and girls who love being outdoors!

Since Jordan was reading about autoclaves, we asked our dentist’s office for a look at their machines. Joyce, one of their technicians, was nice enough to explain their sterilization process and answer some of Jordan’s questions.

Building a Campfire:

He also read about building a campfire in dry and wet conditions. Of course he wanted to build one immediately in the backyard. After all, what could possibly go wrong?


I created an oxidation worksheet for Jordan to complete. I presented it with our Usborne Lift-the Flap Periodic Table book.

Jordan loved this periodic treasure hunt. It was more like a puzzle or game than a homework assignment.


Recycled Art:

Bub is a big DIYer. The weekend before we studied this lesson, he was just recycling an old cereal box into a Darth Vader accessory. What a perfect demonstration of this lesson on recycled art!

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