Sonlight Level F (Week 5)


Memory Verse:

We continued memorizing the next two verses of our Psalm 91 Bible Verse Printable.

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

Parker traced his verses on Monday.


Korean Culture:

We read a few Korean books on our Epic app.

I created a North Korean page in Parker’s notebook. He worked on it while I read aloud.



We read several books about the moon since we were studying A Kite for Moon.

The Moon Shines Down complimented our Korean study as it covered children living in Asia.

Somewhere in the World Right Now was also a wonderful read-aloud, as it explains how the world is divided by time zones.

I brought out our Map of Asia. Parker dumped it out and put it all back together. He also identified China and Korea.



Parker took down our September calendar and added October.

We read our October poem from A Child’s Calendar.

Afterwards, Parker completed his October calendar worksheet.


Human Body:

I brought out our Usborne Human Body Sticker Book.

We had to catch up. First, Parker added stickers to the digestive track then he added the stickers to the respiratory system.


Jordan wanted to start some apple activities. I bought several varieties and had the boys color apples and add them to our tree.

Our Apple Tasting Tree added a touch of fall to our classroom.

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