Sonlight Level F (Week 6)


Memory Verse:

We continued memorizing the next two verses of our Psalm 91 Bible Verse Printable.

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

Parker traced his verses on Monday.


South Korea:

We read Living in South Korea in addition to our Eastern Hemisphere book. i created a South Korea worksheet for Parker.

Parker completed his worksheet while I read about South Korea.



We read a mix of books about harvest, Korean culture, and the moon.

Creative Writing:

I decided to add an autumn twist in Parker’s creative writing assignment.

First, we read By the Light of the Harvest Moon on our Epic app.

Second, Parker created his own leaf person, just like the book.

Lastly, he wrote his friendly letter to “Leaf Man”. He described Christmas, his favorite holiday, and all the details that made it special.


Listen to Your Heart:

I borrowed Jordan’s contraption he was working on, because it was EXACTLY what we needed for our Blood and Guts experiment.

After a little adjustment, Parker was able yo hear the “lub-dub” if his heart beating.

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