The Boxcar Children (Ch 4):


We’re loving the FIAR Bible and Character supplement. I assign those lessons first then create my own Bible lessons to fill in the rest of the days we row each chapter.

Memory Verse:

Jordan memorized two verses since he rowed this chapter for two weeks.

The first week, Jordan memorized Psalm 61:4.

The second week, he memorized Psalm 139:5-6.


Geography – Evergreen Tree Regions:

Jordan and I read Crinkleroot’s Guide to Knowing the Trees.

Jordan marked the top evergreen tree producing states on his the U.S. map I printed for him.

Career – Veterinarian:

Jordan read The Day of a Country Veterinarian to get a better idea of what the life of a country vet looks like.

This week, I assigned James Herriot’s Treasury for Children. I asked him to read a different story each day.



I created vocabulary worksheets for Jordan to complete.

You can download the FREEbie here at our TPT Store.


First Aid:

Jordan and I reviewed important first aid tips in Improve Your Survival Skills.

Dog Breeds:

I asked Jordan to look through our Little Book of Dogs and Puppies to find a breed he could see as his future dog.

He used his future dog as the character for his creative writing assignment this week.



After tossing seasonal berries with sour cream and brown sugar, Jordan whipped up a batch of drop biscuits to pair them with.


Jordan sorted the berries and set it aside to use for our natural watercolor project.

I cooked each of the berries separately, strained them, and set them in a glass dish with a paintbrush.

I set them on a tray with a piece of paper for Bub to create berry swatches.

Jordan painted the swatches and used the rest to paint a picture.

Maps & Models:

Jordan started creating his boxcar map on Minecraft. First, he cleared a forest area.

Next, he built tracks and figured out the position of the boxcar near a water source.

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