Sonlight Level F (Week 11)


Memory Verse:

I printed the next two verses of our Philippians 2:5-11 Bible printable.

You can download your FREE copy here at the TPT Store.

Parker traced his Bible verse on Monday.

He added his Bible verse in his notebook, practiced it all week, and recited it by heart.


This week we continued to read about Russia while we studied The Thanksgiving Door. This was the perfect book for the Thanksgiving holiday.

This is a beautiful story about an immigrant family that shares their first thanksgiving with a couple they met off the street. With Grandmother’s help, the family learns that sharing with others is the key to a happy heart.

We also watched an online reading of Thankful by Eileen Spinelli.


In addition to our textbooks, we read several books about Russia to help us with out note-booking journey through the Eastern Hemisphere.

Parker added animal stickers in his Picture Atlas of the World Sticker Book while we read about the wildlife in Russia.

Parks continued to work on his All about Russia worksheet.



This week we continued to read books about Russian culture.

I found Molly’s Pilgrim, a wonderful story about a young girl who’s family immigrated from Russia for religious freedom.

We read several fun thanksgiving books, even one about a Vietnamese girl, which was perfect given we were studying the Eastern hemisphere.


Cooking Pumpkins:

Parker grew MANY pumpkins this year. He had several varieties including “baby bear”, “Casper”, “sugar pie” and “Cinderella! He picked them several weeks ago and we waited until this week to finish cooking off his harvest.

Since he picked so many wonderful pumpkins, we baked them in batches. I cut apart his small pumpkins first and tackled the bigger ones afterwards.

The larger Cinderella pumpkins were beautiful. Of course they took longer than the littler varieties, but we set them aside and pureed them once they cooled. We had quite a few containers.

We kept some and packaged the rest in the freezer. Just think of all the pumpkin treats we could make: cookies, pies, cobblers, soups, breads, and the list goes on!

I used the remaining pumpkin puree for a pumpkin cobbler. The house smelled so delicious while it was baking!

Everyone enjoyed a warm slice with ice cream or whipped cream. I cooked one last Cinderella pumpkin at the and of the week.

I made soft pumpkin cookies with glaze and sprinkles.

And a pumpkin pie for thanksgiving dinner. It was SO good! There’s just something special about the complete “farm to table” experience. Hopefully the kids will remember the science projects that start in spring and end with a yummy dessert in the fall time.

Thanksgiving Prep:

The kids were excited to have Thanksgiving at their grandparent’s house. We were bringing dessert, stuffing, and cranberry sauce.

While I was on dessert duty, Bub was making his cranberry sauce.

He also helped me prep the vegetables for our stuffing. We were looking forward to a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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