The Boxcar Children (Ch 9)

Fun in the Cherry Orchard”


Character Lessons:

Finding Your Place to Help:

This part of the chapter became a Bible lesson. I quickly recalled a Bible story where Paul encourages Timothy in his youthfulness.

Memory Verse:

Jordan chose to memorize Colossians 3:17 this week.


Fruit Regions:

First, I picked up a variety of non-traditional winter fruits from the store.

Bub loves inspecting, dissecting and tasting new produce. He chopped it up and mixed in a few family favorites to create s tropical fruit salad. He served it with dinner.

Bub wrote down all the fruits he prepared and color-coded them on the map. Later, I added it in his FIAR notebook.


Periodicals – Newspapers:

Bub’s grandpa brought over the Sunday paper so he could peruse the sections. What’s the first section to inspect? The comics, of course!

Writing & Discussion Question:

We talked about Dr. Moore’s character and how he isn’t motivated by money. We discussed how he probably knew the kids were enjoying their time in the boxcar and didn’t want to spoil it.


Orchards – Types, Care & Tending:

Jordan read about tending orchards in The Farm That Feeds Us. He also read From Seed to Pear to understand the entire process of raising fruit trees.


A Poem and a Picture:

Jordan copied the garden poem, illustrated it, and memorized it during the week.

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