The Boxcar Children (Ch 10)

“Henry and the Free-for All”


Character Lessons:

Jordan continued reading through the FIAR Bible and character lessons. We split up the remaining scripture verses over the rest of the week.

Memory Verse:

We chose to memorize Hebrews 12:1 for this chapter.


Philanthropy and Humanitarianism:

After reading about philanthropy and humanitarianism, I instructed Jordan yo ask our Alexa app about modern-day philanthropists and humanitarians. He came back with Mr. Beast, a popular you-tuber who donates money to various causes.

Marathons and Footraces:

In addition to reading the teacher’s manual, Jordan studied about fitness in science too! He read “Fit and Fun” in our Ultimate Body-Pedia.


Writing & Discussion Question:

We talked about how Paul compared our walk with Christ with a race. He goes on to instruct us to run with endurance and to run in such a way as if we want to win. We also talked about having good sportsmanship, whether we win or lose.



We read about potatoes in our Farm Anatomy book. Afterwards, Bub color-coded the parts of the potato plant.


Cooking – Pocket Stew:

After learning about potatoes in science, Jordan headed to the kitchen to prepare our pocket stew dinner.

I set out the recipe and ingredients. Jordan peeled the carrot and potato then sliced them for the stew.

Jordan filled the pockets and we baked them in the oven. We talked about making these when he goes camping with his uncle Jeff. I told him how I made these on an outdoor education trip when I was his age, although I remember calling them hobo stew.

Potato Prints:

Jordan reserved part of a potato to create a stamp. This is something we’ve done since the kids were in preschool.

Since we were making potato prints, I had read the history of printing in the Usborne Book of Knowledge.

Charcoal Drawing:

Jordan read True Colors the Story of Crayola. This book provided a history of art from cave drawings to present day.

Afterwards, I brought out our charcoal pencil kit and asked Bub to sketch something festive, since it was Christmas-time. He chose a Christmas tree.

He enjoyed sketching so much he decided to continue sketching.

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