2022-2023 School Curriculum

Ninth Grade – Seventh Grade – Fifth Grade

August 2022 Post from the Past:

NOTE: Pictures, in this post, were obtained directly from Sonlight and may reflect newer curriculum packages rather than those used during the 2022-2023 school year.

9th Grade Curriculum:

This fall we will have one child in High School, one child in Junior High, and one child in Elementary School! This year, Haley will be doing all her coursework online through LUOA (Liberty University Online Academy). She plans to attend Liberty University and will eventually be earning dual credit towards her college degree. We’re really excited to see all that the Lord has in store for her!

7th Grade SOCIAL STUDIES – FIVE IN A ROW (FIAR) Curriculum:

Though we thoroughly enjoyed rowing picture books last year, we really wanted to get Jordan working more independently. This year, he will be using the first two FIAR chapter books from Level 5 and reading the guide independently.

In addition to topical resources he will be reading, based on the FIAR chapter book studies, I wanted him to read The Mystery of History Volume 1. I love that this history program covers both biblical and historical facts on the same timeline.

5th Grade SOCIAL STUDIES – Eastern Hemisphere(Level F):

This is the first year Parker will officially be using both FIAR and Sonlight Eastern Hemisphere (Level F) together. We plan to pick and choose books from Levels 4 and 5, as well as mini units, that pair well with the countries we study in the Eastern Hemisphere pack. The boys will also we using the language arts pack from the Level F curriculum.



Jordan will continue picking books from our “reader’s shelf”. Next year will be a more rigorous reading and writing program, so this year we’re focused on reading more material every day. Jordan will be reading all of his social studies lessons as well as the material covered in the FIAR teacher’s manual. He will also be working independently through his mechanics practice, grammar review and creative writing assignments in the Language Arts F pack.

Parker will use Sonlight’s fifth grade reader pack as well as the language arts F package for mechanics, grammar review, and creative writing.


This year, we wanted to continue strengthening the boys’ grammar skills with an additional grammar book.

Jordan will continue with the Grammar 6 book this year.

Parker will work through the Grammar 5 book this year.


Though Jordan completed the Spelling You See program, we wanted to give him additional spelling practice using the All About Spelling program. This program teaches the “why” behind the spelling rules we use. We’re hoping that this approach may help strengthen his spelling skills.

The program recommend starting with level 1. They tell you that older students may work through the “earlier” lessons quickly, so we’ll see how many levels we can complete throughout the year.

This year, Parker will work through the Spelling You See E book.


In addition to the vocabulary words associated with each curriculum pack, the kids will be using the grade-appropriate Wordly Wise book.

Jordan will work through Wordly Wise 3000 Book 7.

Parker will work through Wordly Wise 3000 Book 5.


Parker is the last one to complete the HWOT (Handwriting without Tears) cursive program.

Parker will complete the cursive handwriting program with the HWOT Cursive Handwriting Level 5 book.


Singapore Dimensions Math:

This year we continued with the Singapore Dimensions Math program.

Jordan will be using the Dimensions Math Grade 7 books.

Parker will using the Dimensions Math Grade 5 books.


Parker will be using the fifth grade science program included in Level F.

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