2021-2022 School Curriculum


Eighth Grade – Sixth Grade – Fourth Grade

August 2021 Post from the Past:

NOTE: Pictures, in this post, were obtained directly from Sonlight and may reflect newer curriculum packages rather than those used during the 2021-2022 school year.

8th Grade SOCIAL STUDIES – Church History (Level 200):

This fall, we will have two middle schoolers! It’s crazy how fast time flies. Haley will be entering eighth grade, Jordan will be in sixth grade and Parker will be in fourth grade. This year, Haley will be using the American History – Literature 100 pack.

6th Grade SOCIAL STUDIES – FIVE IN A ROW (FIAR) Curriculum:

Levels 3 and 4 have so many great lessons that it takes us quite a bit longer to row each book. We have so much fun exploring various subjects that we decided not to rush the process. As long as the kids are still engaged and interested, we keep rowing a book until we’ve explored all the nooks and crannies, so to speak. FIAR will be Jordan’s primary curriculum; however, both boys will be working closely together throughout the year. We’re also weaving in FIAR mini units as they fit into our school schedule.

4th Grade SOCIAL STUDIES – Intro to American History II (Level E):

Parker will primarily be using the Sonlight Intro to American History II (Level E) program. We ordered the updated version since Sonlight made a few changes since we used it with Haley. Since both boys will be studying books centered around the US, they will participate in many of the same FIAR activities and Sonlight read-alouds. This package also includes language arts for both boys.



Haley will use the Literature 200 readers and language arts pack for creative writing.

Jordan will continue picking books from our “reader’s shelf” ; however, we’ve added adapted classics by Louisa May Alcott, Charles Dickens and Arthur Conan Doyle. This approach has really helped him enjoy reading more. Both boys will be using the Sonlight language arts E package for mechanics, grammar review and creative writing.

Parker will use the fourth grade readers and language arts 4 package for mechanics, grammar review, and creative writing.


This year, we wanted to strengthen everyone’s grammar skills by adding an additional grammar book.

We decided to use the Grammar 6 book to help Haley review grammatical rules during her last year of junior high.

Jordan will be using the Grammar 5 book to strengthen his knowledge of grammar rules and application.

Parker will be using the Grammar Ace program this year. We absolutely LOVED using this program with both Haley and Jordan. We plan to make a grammar lapbook for Parker as we did for Jordan.


Haley will use the vocabulary words provided in her literature 200 curriculum as spelling practice.

This year, Jordan will be working on the final Spelling You See G book.

This year, Parker will be working through the Spelling You See E book.


In addition to the vocabulary words associated with each curriculum pack, the kids will be using the grade-appropriate Wordly Wise book.

Haley will be working through World Wise 3000 Book 8.

Jordan will be working through Wordly Wise 3000 Book 6.

Parker will be working through Wordly Wise 3000 Book 4.


Haley and Jordan already completed the handwriting curriculum, but Parker will continue using it for a couple more years.

Parker will continue the cursive handwriting program with the HWOT (Handwriting without Tears) Cursive Handwriting Level 4 book.


Singapore Dimensions Math:

This year we decided to switch to Singapore Dimensions Math program.

Haley will be using the Dimensions Math Grade 8 books.

Jordan will be using the Dimensions Math Grade 6 books.

Parker will using the Dimensions Math Grade 4 books.


Haley will be using Sonlight’s General Science H science pack.

Parker will be using Sonlight’s fourth grade science program included in the Level E pack.

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