What is Learning Lane?

This is one of those “About Us” posts.  Maybe you’ve read a post about our kids working on learning lane and wondered what it was.  Just a little background for you….It’s what we affectionately call our line up of learning activities.  Our “little learning lane”, as our preschooler says, came to be out of necessity while teaching our second child, Jordan.

As with most little boys, Jordan was very active and wouldn’t sit still for very long.  When he started to show interest in “school time”, I was thrilled. I began noticing that his learning style was very different than his older sister, Haley.  His attention span was shorter and he wouldn’t sit still very long.  He loved hopping from one activity to another.  I started presenting his preschool activities – in a line – on the floor. This gave him the freedom to participate and move around as he pleased.

Our little line of learning activities, grew with the kids.  In fact, you’ll find the Haley joining her brothers.  Every day I set out a series of math, language arts, practical life skills, and/or montessori-inspired learning trays – lined up in a row.  It was, and still is, an array of “invitation to…play, count, read, write, cut, art, etc.”.

Today, it’s primarily set out for our preschooler Parker, but it’s accessible to the rest of the kids as well.  I often add more advanced activities just for the older kids.  We’ve created a little montessori-inspired system that works for our family!  Maybe it will work for yours?

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