AFTER Christmas Oranges & Festive FREEbies!

Christmas truly is the best time of the year and when it’s over….it’s a wee bit sad.  I love to continue reading Christmas books and doing special activities over the winter break to keep Christmas going just a little longer.

The classroom has magically transformed into a toy warzone..ripped boxes, nerf ammo EVERYWHERE, and bits of scattered fun.  I’m pretty sure it’s carpeted although you’d have to dig a little to be sure.  While the kids are busy with their new toys, we take a moment here and there to read, do a craft, or make something in the kitchen.

We hope you had a blessed Christmas and are thoroughly enjoying your winter break.  If you need a little festive activity or two…here’s a few ideas we’d like to share with you!

Christmas Orange Science

We usually see candy cane and pinecone science activities this time of year, but what about Christmas oranges?  You can find oranges EVERYWHERE this time of year and they are a traditional Christmas treat!  Try this fun book pairing.

Grab your Christmas orange book, a few oranges (or Cuties) and copies of our orange worksheets.  Curl up on the couch and read one of these heart warming stories together.

Afterwards, peel (or cut) your festive fruit.  Let the kids use their 5 senses to explore this timeless treat and gobble it up afterwards.  If additional time allows and your kiddos are interested, give them a copy of our Parts of the Orange Worksheet or Orange Science Booklet to color and complete.

Keep posted for more fun and festive activities to do this winter!

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