Gingerbread FREEBIES!

It’s become tradition in our home to study Christmas around the world during the month of December.

This Christmas season, I decided to spice it up and take the “gingerbread express” around the world.  This was a GREAT way to get the kids excited about schooling after a Thanksgiving holiday break!  I set out the gingerbread train kit, some candies, and gingerbread tea & cookies!  They had so much fun and we’re ready for this unit to begin 🙂

Now that we had our mode of transportation, we just needed to pack our bags.  I whipped out a few paper bags and a printable to make paper bag suitcases.  This was a great activity to keep their little hands busy while I read aloud that day!

Lastly, we needed boarding passes, right?  I quickly cut out some cardboard gingerbread shapes and they created their “gingerbread boarding buddies”!  They were SUPER excited and had a great time!

We’re packed and ready to begin our holiday adventure!  Are you considering a gingerbread theme this year?  If so, I’ve created a bunch of first and third grade gingerbread math and language arts worksheets.  They’re at my TPT store and they’re all FREE!  Merry Christmas!

In addition,  I’ve also created some fun gingerbread printables for younger students!  Click here to download your FREE copy today of my ABC Gingebread Fun!

In addition, I have a fun and SUPER cute mini puzzle pack for preschoolers!  Click here to download your FREE copy!

As we’re ready to embark on our journey around the world this Christmas season, we hope our FREEBIES help make your Christmas unit fun!  Happy homeschooling through the holidays!

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