Christmas 3rd Grade FREEbies!

Christmas is our favorite time of the year and the printables are simply ADORABLE!  I wish we could have elves, candy canes, and angels all year long!  At least we can get away with snowmen, gingerbread, and snowflakes during the winter season.  We created many printables during our Christmas unit and wanted to share them with you.  Here’s what we created for our third grader.



We’re working on rounding to the nearest ten and hundred, so we created our Holiday Round Up math unit.  You can grab your FREE copy here.


We also brushed up on our money counting skills.   Here’s a copy of our Candy Calculations math unit.  Students read the math word problem and figure out the dollar and change.  Grab your FREE copy here.


We also brushed up on our telling time to the nearest 5 minute intervals.  I created an “It’s Christmas Time” math unit.  Students read the word problems and solve the time problem.  They write the digital time as well as draw the hands on the analog clock.  Grab your FREE copy here.


Lastly, we worked on our division and addition facts.  I created some festive worksheets to strengthen some of the skills we’ve learned.  Grab a FREE copy of the Christmas Candy Division here and Christmas Addition here.

Language Arts

During the holidays, I try to find festive worksheets that align with our Sonlight Language Arts program.  Many times I can find worksheets online, but other times I create my own.  I created two “Color by Code” grammar worksheets this year.  Grab your FREE copy here.


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